Saturday 30 July 2016

A photo everyday for a year! #Project366 - Week 30

We've had a wonderful week....We haven't really done or been anywhere but it has been lovely! Now for a photo every day.....

205/366 23rd July.
Sparkly toes. My youngest is so happy she can wear nail varnish now she isn't at school...

206/366 24th July.
Messing about on Snapchat. Roar. hehehe

207/366 25th July.
Chopping fruit for the ice cream.

208/366 26th July.
Candy floss ice cream is the best thing ever!

209/366 27th July.

210/366 28th July.
I signed my fella up for a razor subscription service.....He's impressed.

211/366 29th July.
A prize I won from SkinnedCartree! I really don't want to open the coke....The bottles are fabulous and I am in love with the notebook.


  1. Glad you got the prize :)

    Corinne x

  2. It's great that you've had such a lovely week without rushing around. Those weeks can be the best! My daughter is very happy that she can wear nail varnish too!