Friday 29 July 2016

A Wonderful Week! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:
Well we've had the first full week of the summer holidays and it really has been wonderful. 

Most mornings we haven't been getting up until after 9am and the girls haven't been going to bed until about 10pm. Eek! It has been lovely! The kids have been helping with the housework and cooking their own lunches. It has really lightened the load on me.

We haven't really been anywhere as Ellie had a little accident on Sunday and scraped the skin off the top of her big toe....She was playing outside with no shoes on. I tell her all the time to wear shoes outside but this one time I didn't tell her so it was obviously all my She's fine now but has really milked the sore toe. 

We have had plenty of fun at home though....Of course the girls have played a lot of Minecraft.....We have watched films and so much YouTube.

We have done some crafts and made ice cream in a bag which worked out so well....

The weather has got cooler here but it hasn't stopped the girls playing outside....The other night it was so chilly I actually thought about putting the heating on. I made do with fleecy pj's and a blanket.....

I have finished shopping for Ellie's birthday which is this time next month....I have all her presents and she want's a beach party, party so everything is ordered and I am going to be getting a lot of deliveries next week. 

I made a start on shopping for Becky's birthday which is at the start of September....I have an Amazon basket full of presents for her....Everything seems to revolve around YouTube for her....I added one thing to my basket which them recommended something else, which led to something else. It was very helpful....

Next week we have some fun things planned and we're hopefully going to see Finding Dory. I can't wait.


  1. So glad your summer holidays have started so well and that you've been having lots of fun at home. Hope Ellie's toe heals soon! #WotW

  2. Sounds like you're all having a lovely time, toe aside! I've a load of things sitting in my Amazon basket for my boy's birthday at the start of September, too. It just keeps piling up! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Aw got to love a chilled week, lovely that your kids help with chores and that ice cream bag looks interesting X #wotw

  4. Great start to the summer holidays, you don't have to be out all the time. We've spent a lot of time at home too, but we did start the week with shopping for school uniform (that's out the way now) and on Wednesday we had a trip into town for a hospital visit and birthday money shopping. I've got two more birthdays coming up in the next few weeks too! Enjoy the rest of the holidays and I hope Ellie's toe is feeling much better now x

  5. Awww sounds really wonderful!

    We do have cold nights where we are using 2 layers of summer blankets hehe. Weather is so crazy in here as well!


  6. I'm glad Ellie is okay. My girl is always ignoring me and not wearing shoes outside. Grr. Once she stepped on a snail. I laughed so hard! haha

  7. Sounds a great week and isn't it nice to just be? have a fab week this week and hope you find Dory ;) #wotw