Thursday 14 July 2016

Fruit Bowl Picked and Pressed Snacks.

Recently we were sent some of the Fruit Bowl snacks to try....I say we but they were mainly for Ellie. We were sent a couple of packets from the new Picked and Pressed range.

Fruit Bowl Picked and Pressed Snacks.

Fruit Bowl are the creators of a range of irresistibly tasty and fun to eat fruit snacks packed with real fruity goodness. They aim to help mums by providing handy fruit snacks to naturally fuel their kids’ daily fun.

The tastiest fruit is picked and pressed into bars and fun shapes and is then lightly baked....They are high in fibre and count as one of your five a day....

Picked and Pressed Mixed Berry Bites.

Picked and Pressed Mixed Berry Bites

When we opened the packet all the pieces were stuck together in a big brown clump but they were easily separated....These are so cute....They are such a lovey idea...

Ellie thought they had a strange taste to start with but after a couple of chews her taste got used to them and she enjoyed them...She said she could really taste the berries and wanted another packet straight away....

I tasted them and they tasted like eating jam straight from the jar....The flavour was so strong and sweet. I wasn't keen on them but they are not aimed at me they are aimed at children and Ellie liked them....That's what matters.

Picked and Pressed Apple & Pear Bar.

Picked and Pressed Apple and Pear bar

Ellie loved this....Her favourite fruit is pears so I knew this would be a hit with her....She did say it looked a little like shaped dog poo but once you get past that it actually tastes so good.....You can really taste the apples and pears in it. I really liked the little bit I had....

My youngest daughter eating the fruit bowl snacks

I asked Ellie to pick her favourite out of the two products and she couldn't....She loved them both.

The Fruit Bowl range contain only natural colours and flavourings and the whole range is suitable for vegetarians & is gluten free.

The snacks are available from supermarkets (Asda, Tesco, Morrison’s, Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Budgens) nationwide. 

We were sent these free of charge to try out....We were not asked to write this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Hi Kim, anything that encourages children to eat more fruit is a winner and these don't contain added sugar, which is a big plus! They sound good to me.


    1. They are good...Becky has since tried them and loves them. She struggles to chew on hard fruit with her braces so these are ideal to get an extra bit of fruit into her. x

  2. My kids love the Fruit Bowl snacks, I started buying them for them when they were toddlers and told them they were 'sweets' and they still believe me now so it's my sneaky way of getting food in them :)

    1. They are fab! My girl thought they were sweets at first too. x

  3. I haven't seen this new range from Fruit Bowl, must get some for the children to try as we are always looking for healthy snacks to take out and about.