Thursday 5 January 2017

I really don't like January....

Named after Janus the god of beginnings and transitions, January was once seen as the door to a new year and new beginning but I think January has to be my least favourite months.....I would go as far to say I hate it!

The Christmas Comedown....

Only a few days ago we were stuffing our faces with yummy food, drinking lots of wine and having a blast now all the treat food has gone. All the Christmas TV has finished....There is no more lazing about watching a film on an afternoon....

We have to wear real clothes....

We have to get dressed! Ugh! I spent most of the Christmas holidays in pj's....Clothes are just so It just feels cosier in a fleecy onesie....

New Year’s resolutions.

Most people make New Year’s resolutions and try to stick to them which ends up making them grumpy.....The phrase New Year, New Me irritates me so much. It bugs me that people wait until January to change their life....Why not change things in the middle of let's say May?

Diets and Dry January.

Everyone is on a diet, detox or doing Dry January which I have nothing against but I look forward to my glass or two of wine on a weekend and some junk food....

The cold!

In December it was OK when it was cold....There was pretty Christmas lights everywhere to make it cheery....Now it is just grey and dismal. It seems such a long time until the summer.

Dark mornings.

After a Christmas break of lie ins, not getting up before 9am (well apart from Christmas day) setting the alarm for yesterday made me feel like crying....In the run up to the Christmas holidays we were OK with the dark mornings....We had Christmas to look forward to, to keep us going....It feels like the middle of the night when the alarm goes off. Becky leaves for school when it is still dark and gets home again when it's nearly dark....

There is nothing to look forward to in January.

There is nothing....In every other month we have something. February there is Valentines day....In March spring starts, April we have Easter and so on....

The sales.

I have already seen things that I bought in December going for less than half price....Grr and even if there was something I wanted I can't afford it because Christmas cleaned me out.

Do you like or loath January?


  1. Ha, It's a strange time of year isn't it. I took my tree and decorations down yesterday and usually it makes me feel sad but this year I couldn't wait to get rid. I've all sorts of plans and resolutions drifting in and out my mind but can't be bothered to actually start anything. Yes, it's cold, dark and dreary this month.

    1. I hope you find some motivation to start some of your plans...

  2. It's such a pants month isn't it lol?! I totally agree with the pj days.
    And I don't do resolutions either, I'm so crap at keeping them hehe.
    Thanks for our pressies by the way, you're a star :) xxx

    1. It's rubbish! If I could stay in my pj's every day I would. lol
      You're most welcome xxx

  3. I do agree with you, it all seems so dark and boring without the Christmas lights, on the bright side my living room seems bigger without the tree in it!

    1. Oh yes, there sure is more room here too. hehehe

  4. The cold, the dark mornings and the Christmas come-down are all on my list of reasons why I don't like January. Shame we can't just hibernate until Spring...