Tuesday 24 January 2017

Pretty Suds Bath Bombs - Review.

Earlier this month I was reading blogs and came across one from The July Journal reviewing a Pokemon bath bomb from Pretty Suds and decided to place an order of my own!

Pretty Suds sell a variety of products including bath bombs, shower jelly, bath soaks, soap, home scents and lots more....Everything is handmade and is a vegetarian company....A lot of products are vegan but it is advised to check the product ingredients.....

I ordered five bath bombs and I wish I had bought more!

Zinger Colour Bomb - £2.95

Awaken your senses and refresh your body with citrus infusions.....

This was the only one I wasn't too keen on....I did use it and it was fine but it smelled too citrussy. It is all down to personal preference though. Some people might like the smell...My fella did.

Strawberry Milkshake Bath Bomb - £2.95

Whip yourself up a pink tub with a frothy top just like those American milkshakes in the movies! With strawberries, raspberries and a hint of blueberry, you'll sure feel indulged by this sweet milkshake treat.

This was my favourite.....It smelled amazing and made my skin feel amazing....

Katch Em Ball - £3.95

Contains one Pokemon from all generations. Which one will you get? Gotta catch 'em all! Complete with a black band to lock in and keep in your wild one....

Becky my teen claimed this one....I didn't tell her about the Pokemon inside....She got a nice surprise.

Rhubarb and Custard - £2.95

A great British pudding melting with warm custard and a sweet kick of rhubarb.

The smell from is was delicious....It smells exactly like rhubard and custard. I still have this one to use.

The Beast - £3.45

Nestled beneath a bundle of blueberries is a little beast waiting to be unleashed! 

This one was for Ellie....She thought it was brilliant! It did turn the water a very dark red colour, almost black but she didn't mind....

In the past we have had bath bombs which didn't really bomb and whoosh in the bath but all of these did....They were so satisfying to watch.....I was very impressed with them.....They are all the size of a juicy orange but may differ in design as they are all handmade and completely unique!

Comparing them to other companies which sell bath bombs.....Yes, I'm talking about Lush. I would say these are just as good....They are cheaper which means you get more bath bombs for your money.....

Royal Mail second class is used for standard delivery at a cost of £3.95 no matter how much you order...Orders made before 11am will be processed the same day! The whole service can take 2-5 days depending on the postal service.

While browsing their website when writing this review I saw a page which I missed when I was making my order... The Perfectly Imperfect Sale Items. They say "If you're unsure about buying a product in our shop, you could adopt it's imperfect friend to try? Pretty Suds hate to waste products that are imperfect because all products are perfect on the inside! Damage includes: Misshaped items, wrong/different colours and a damaged exterior...

Pretty Suds is going to be a company which I go back to again and again. My girls love bath bombs and these are of a fantastic quality and are priced so well......

I was not asked to write this and paid for the items myself....It was a company that I thought you all should know about.


  1. My kids love bath bombs, they would be so excited for those Pokemon ones, what a treat!

    1. They are fab! Perfect for boys or girls too :) x

  2. My kids would love the Pokémon bath bombs. We haven't ever tried bath bombs, but I will have to try these from you!

    1. They are so cool aren't they.
      Bath bombs are amazing! I hate having a bath without one. hehehe x

  3. They look great Kim - love the colours, I bet they smelt fantastic. And I love that they don't waste the imperfect ones too - what a find. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

  4. How cool. How were the scents? Were they strong like Lush? I tend to get headaches from Lush products but would love to try these.
    Thanks for linking to #pocolo
    (Sorry for the epically late comment!)