Thursday 26 January 2017

My favourite YouTube videos....

I watch a lot of You Tube....Probably more than a person but I have never been one for uploading videos regularly. Last week I discovered the Creator Studio where you can see the Analytics of your That was a real eye opener....As I have never been serious about You Tube I haven't really cared but now I know I am taking more of an interest.....

I have uploaded 112 videos as of writing this and my first was uploaded on the 31st of December 2012. It was Ellie dancing to Gangnam Style and the video quality was terrible and of course it included copyrighted content.....I knew nothing back then. lol

I was going to share my top most viewed videos but when I started looking back at all my old videos I thought I would just share my favourite....The one's that make me smile, laugh and hold special memories for me.....

Ellie telling the We're going on a bear hunt story....

Again the video quality is rubbish but this really makes me smile....Ellie looks so small and young. She was only about 3 years old and obsessed with We're Going On a Bear hunt....

Frozen sing along!

This was filmed at Christmas in 2014. I think. Both of my girls loved Frozen and for Christmas they got it on DVD. They had to sing along.

Life Science Centre in Newcastle.

We had a fantastic day at the Life Centre in Newcastle....We went to see the Animal Inside Out exhibition but spent time exploring the rest of the Life Centre too....Without even realising the girls learned so much through playing....

We had fun with the Pie Face Game! 

This was from Christmas 2015....The girls had the best time with Pie Face....My fella even got dragged into playing. lol

This was our summer. 2016 

Ahh! Summer seems such a long time ago.....This was the best bits from the summer of 2016. Days out, fun times, singing, a couple of things we reviewed, we made ice cream, went to the park and made some fantastic memories....

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  1. Ah lush - I love that you have videos from when the kids were really little too xx

  2. I love the first one with Ellie Going on A Bear Hunt. You have some lovely memories captured here. I didn't realise I wasn't subscribed to your You Tube channel, I've rectified that now x

    1. She really was a cutie when she was little. hehehe
      Thank you x