Saturday 27 May 2017

A photo everyday for a year - Week 21 #Project365

Another week another set of photos for Project 365.
It has been such a strange week....It has been hard not to feel sad for most of it with what happened in Manchester. It has been such a glorious week weather wise....As I am typing this the kids are outside playing....Ellie is in the paddling pool. Becky is not. She says it's too cold. lol

Here's a photo for every day!

140/365 - 20th May
I went to check up on what my youngest was doing upstairs....In my bed watching Glee of course.

141/365 - 21st May
Last minute homework.

142/365 - 22nd May
Sat in the waiting room at the Orthodontist. Becky has been given a date to get her braces off! August 14th! Hooray!

143/365 - 23rd May

144/365 - 24th May
My new trainers! I was due a pair. My old one's were about 8 years old. lol

145/365 - 25th May
Outside but still playing on her tablet.

146/365 - 26th May
We had to buy a new paddling pool as the old one had a hole in.....We filled it up before the kids got home from school.


  1. Ah, I used to love Glee. Jealous of having a paddling pool. We have a lovely one, but rarely use it - no outdoor tap means it's extremely slow and painful filling it only a little bit

  2. Too cold?! Oh my goodness I could jump right in!! #365

  3. Don't think we have a paddling pool at the moment - I think the last one was shredded by mice in the shed over winter. Enjoy the weather!

  4. That's great news about the braces! My daughter is desperate for a paddling pool. I know she will be in it in all weathers, but my boys will be like your eldest!!

  5. Perfect weather to get the pools out! Should have got ours out but its somewhere in the back of the shed...and spiders in there!

  6. That is awesome new about your daughter's braces. You can't beat a paddling pool.x