Tuesday 16 May 2017

My favourite sandwiches.

Did you know that this week is British Sandwich Week?

It is thought that the sandwich was invented by John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich. He was a keen gambler and didn’t like to leave the gaming table so rather than breaking for dinner while the game was in full swing, he asked that he was brought some meat between two slices of bread and this was the birth of a great fast food which became known as a sandwich......

What a clever man he was.....Most days I have sandwiches for lunch....They are just easy to make and are enough to fill me up until tea time.

Hot Roast Pork, Stuffing & Apple Sauce.
These always taste the best off vans at concerts, fairs or markets. I have tried to make them at home but they are just not the same.

Egg and salad cream.
Sliced egg and salad cream....Not mayonnaise. I do like mayo but not with egg. 

Chocolate spread and sliced banana's.
This is one of my girls favourites too....So wrong but so right.

Ham & pickle.
It has to be Branston pickle though. I do scrimp on some things but Branston is not one of those things...

I have a bacon sandwich at least twice a week. It has to be fried bacon in soft, sliced white bread with lots of tomato sauce on.....

Tuna Sub from Subway.
Without the lettuce though....hehehe

Ham & Crisps.
I have to use two packets of crisps and mix them. Worcester sauce and a meaty flavour like chicken or beef then put them on the bread and ham.

Prawn Mayonnaise.
Prawns, mayonnaise and avocado slices with a squeeze of lemon on brown bread. Delicious! 

Fish fingers & baked beans.
It may sound a bit disgusting but I love it....I find just fish fingers a bit dry even with butter and sauce....The beans just add a bit of moistness.

Corned beef and tomato sauce.
So simple but so good. I only have it when my fella is home though. I can never open corned beef tins without cutting myself. lol

What is your favourite sandwich filling?


  1. I love a sandwich, but I'm not nearly as varied as you in my sandwich choices! My favourite is cheese and marmite, even better with a layer of crisps!

  2. Ohh for me it is either bacon or ham, cheese and onion, yum!

  3. Yum! Hungry already and I've only just had breakfast! But brown sauce with the bacon!