Thursday 4 May 2017

HARIBO Smurfs - Review.

We love Haribo here and they have revamped their fantastic Smurfs range....We were very excited to give them a try. So excited the girls decided to open them before I had chance to take some photos. Eesh. 

There’s a new ‘smurftastic’ addition stooping into existing HARIBO Smurfs packs....

HARIBO Smurfs now includes the sour cherry Gargamel alongside Smurf shaped jelly pieces including Grouchy, Brainy and Jokey in strawberry and raspberry flavours, and Smurfette in lemon and raspberry flavours....

My girls were not keen on the sour cherry Gargamel but loved the rest of the flavours....

Also new for 2017 and adding a new texture to the range is HARIBO Chamallows Smurfs Family.

The sharing bag contains recognisable shapes including of course the Smurfs and their mushroom houses in vanilla and raspberry flavours....

I could have ate the whole bag of these myself in one sitting....They were delicious. My girls loved them and we had to share them out equally!

These are a ‘smurftastic’ addition to the Haribo range. I will be looking out for them in the shops and buying more....

We were sent these free of charge in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. pooh please pass on your contact details, i'll review sweeties anytime, i'm looking forward to the McDonalds McFlurries and drink that they are selling in blue right now

  2. OMG I hadn't noticed they now did charmello ones!! Smurfs and minions are my fave haribo. will have to look out for them.

  3. Oh my goodness these look like a candy crush to behold. #PoCoLo