Tuesday 9 May 2017

Outdoor play and turning #TearsIntoSmiles

It is important for kids to get outside and play. Some fresh air and exercise is good for them but sometimes it is easier said than done....My girls are at that age where they will happily stay indoors and play on electronics but when the weather is nice I will encourage them to go out to play....As soon as they get outside they have a great time!

When the girls play outside they are either out the front on their scooters, at the park or in our back yard. We only have a small concrete yard so play is limited but that doesn't stop them having fun. They have a slide out there a paddling pool filled with sand, another we fill with water in the summer, skateboards and bats & balls.

We were sent the traditional game of Quoits to have a play with....I had played the game when I was at school but I didn't know what it was called....The girls had a great time with it. I like old games like this which you don't see around so much now. It is also a great way to improve children's number skills with the adding up of their points.....

Ellie is a bit of a daredevil. A few weeks ago I found her sat at the top of the slide on her skateboard just about to go down....That could of ended in disaster. Last week she came in asking for wood to make a ramp to do jumps on her scooter. Thankfully we had none....She is an accident waiting to happen.....

Britmums gave some bloggers a challenge to talk about their best strategies to soothe and cheer their children after minor scrapes, cuts and other injuries....

When my girls were younger I had a huge tub of Sudocrem which was our magic cream....It could fix anything along with a kiss and cuddle and of course we had novelty plasters....Peppa pig, Mickey mouse and Hello Kitty one's....

Times have changed. My girls have got older and now they don't believe in magic cream.....They are 14 and 9 so "kids" plasters are not going to cut it. Star Wars and Frozen plasters will though. They are cool so my girls say! My fella has even said he is looking forward to cutting himself so he can use a Star Wars one....lol

I have had to change the tactics a little to calm things down after my girls have a fall, scrape or bump....They still happen. Kids will be kids....With my girls the best way to soothe and cheer them up is:

Food - I can usually distract them with chocolate, ice cream or some cake.

Say something silly - Say if they've hurt a limb I will joke and say "Oh dear, that needs to be chopped off". They say no and start moving the affected body part just to prove that it is OK...

Counting to ten - I tell them to count slowly to ten and it calms them down as they are concentrating on something else.

Monkey cuddles - When Ellie hurts herself while I am dealing with her I am scanning the room for her toy monkey. He is her favorite toy and makes everything better.

Tell them do dust themselves off and carry on - My girls are drama queens. I know this. It may sound harsh but half the time my girls bump or scrape themselves and they don't need actual medical attention I tell them to dust themselves off, give themselves a shake and get back to what they were doing.

Cuddles from me - They will never be too old for a cuddle from their mam....

What works best for you when your children have a bump or scrape?

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast. I was sent the plasters and a garden toy free of charge to help write this blog post.

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