Thursday 11 May 2017

Clothes shopping for summer.

Last week was the first time this year that I did the school run without a coat....I actually managed a couple. The weather has taken a turn for the better and I need to think more about what I'm wearing. I can't just wear old clothes and hide them under a coat....

I feel a shopping spree coming on and I have seen a few things online which I will be ordering over the next week or so.

Sports Direct is always one of my go to shops....They always have quite a bit on sale. I go on shopping for myself and always find something for the girls too....

From Sports Direct:

DC Comics Superman T Shirt - £5.99
Full Circle Print Wrap Dress - £10.99
Full Circle Printed Blouse - £10.99
Only Francis Pullover - £13.50

George at Asda is another of my go to shops online....It does annoy me though....If I just want one thing I will go off to our local Asda and find they don't have it in stock then I will end up buying 3 or 4 things I hadn't planned on buying....hehehe

From Asda:

Linen Blend Long Sleeve Shirt - £12.00
Queen Bee Top - £6.00
Tropical Print Dress - £8.00
Sleeveless Pineapple Print Shirt - £12.00

My favourite place to shop online is Everything 5 Pounds....Like the name of the site everything is priced at £5. Shoes, coats, tops, dresses, etc. Last year I had made an order of mainly tops and I still have all of them now and they are in fairly good condition but I have over worn them.

From Everything 5 Pounds:

Pocket Front Tartan Shirt - £5.00
White Multi Floral Skater Dress - £5.00
Rose Printed Cream Top - £5.00
Pinstripe Casual Shirt - £5.00
Longline Floral Top - £5.00
Cropped Denim Jeans - £5.00
Striped Pleated Tunic - £5.00
Contrast Geo Maxi Dress - £5.00

Are you all ready for summer?


  1. So many nice things, floral prints are my favourite, I do rather love the supergirl tshirt too.

    1. Ahh! I do love floral prints...I have way too many floral tops. hehehe x

  2. Love the sound of a £5 online clothes shop. I must take a look