Wednesday 17 May 2017

The Liebster Award...

The lovely Sharon who blogs at Teen Tween Toddler tagged me in the The Liebster Award....I love things like this but don't always get around to doing them when I should.... I was tagged a while ago by Tattooed Mummy too and I'm ashamed to admit I never got around to posting my answers. Better late then never!

The Liebster Award is an internet based award that is given to bloggers by other bloggers.....

What is your favourite movie?
That is so hard. It depends on what mood I am in. I would have to say it is between Dirty Dancing and Cool Runnings.

What is your least favourite food?
Green vegetables.... I can't narrow it down to just one. I am a bad example to my girls. I hate broccoli,cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, celery, leeks. lol

If you had to choose only one social media to use for the rest of your life which one would you pick?
This one is easy. Twitter!! I hardly bother with the other one's. I used to be all for Facebook but not now.

Why did you start a blog?
I used to be a comper. I still am just not as much. I used to enter competitions on blogs and ended up reading them. It got to the point where I thought I want to do this too. Write down and record our lives.....

 And is that still why you still blog?
Yes. To remember things about my family....I can't imagine not blogging now....

Are you a happy person?
I think I am, mostly. I have my moments when I am stressy, angry or sad but I'd say 95% of the time I am happy.....

Can you sing?
Yes, I am not a singer. It doesn't stop me though. hehehe

Which country that you have never visited would you most like to?
Definitely America. It has everything there which I would like in a holiday. Disney, amazing food and so much to see.

What do you do to relax?
Watch Youtube, read blogs, play computer games.

Do you always take off your makeup at the end of the day?
Nope. In my defence I hardly wear make up, only for nights out. When I have a night out I usually have a little too much to drink and taking my make up off is the last thing on my mind. Sleeping is. hehehe

When was the last time you painted your nails, and what colour were they? 
I can't actually remember. It will have probably been for a night out ages ago and they were probably red.

Which book(s) are reading at the moment and are they paper or digital?
I don't really read books....

11 random things about me

I have never eaten cheesecake.
I love Bon Jovi.
I have never been abroad.
I watch Neighbours (The TV show every day)
I am always the last one to go to bed in this house and the first person up in the morning.
I used to make Power tools at a Black & Decker factory...
I buy new trainers but keep going back to my old one's which are about 8 years old. lol
My favourite colour is purple.
I love medical TV shows but can't stand to see blood.
I swear far too much.
I had my ears pierced when I was 16....They lasted a week....I don't do earrings!!

I now going to tag:

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  1. Never eaten cheesecake? You don't know what you're missing 😉

    1. I was allergic to cheese for years and since I have started eating cheese I have never fancied it.