Tuesday 8 March 2022

I am not ready for Neighbours to end.

The TV show Neighbours has been in my life for as long as I can remember. Set and filmed in Melbourne, Neighbours was first broadcast in Australia and launched on BBC One in 1986 and the show is sadly coming to an end this summer. When I first read the news I had hoped that a different channel would step in and show it but it's not to be. It really will be the end of and era when the last episode is shown. 

Ramsay Street sign

I have been watching it since the 80's, the early days. Of course it was Scott & Charlene's wedding which got me hooked. I don't remember watching it before that episode but I must have as I remember Charlene working at the garage. Since then I would say I have watched most of the epsiodes shown, some of the good one's more than once. I think the only time I missed it was when it moved over from BBC1 to Channel 5. Our area didn't get CH5 it straight away so I did miss a little. Hmmf

I remember my friends and I used to go to the shop after school and buy the Neighbours collectable cards and trade them and stickers for our Neighbours sticker album. I wish I had kept them I am sure in a few months they would be worth money.

It is hard to pick one favourite character as they all come and go but if I had to pick one it would be Toadie who's been in it since 1995! It's like I've watched him grow up and grown up with him from the school kid to the lawyer and dad. A few of my favourite story lines have revolved around him. The death of his wife Dee on his wedding day, his friendship with Steph, being with Sonya and then the whole saga with fake Dee. The death of Sonya had me crying every day for a good few weeks and every time they mention her I get a lump in my throat. It had to be the most heart breaking story line in Neighbours ever and the most beautiful death. 

It is crazy to think that Neighbours is a daytime show with all the topical subjects it has covered. Teenage pregnancy, divorces, adultery, abortion, surrogacy, terminal illness, eating disorders, alcoholism, adultery, drug use, drug trafficking, robbery, stalking, kidnapping, hit and runs, murders, incest, gambling, prostitution and even exotic dancing. lol

They have said the end of Neighbours will be a celebration without deaths and lots of stunts. I just want everyone to be happy. It has been confirmed that Harold Bishop will return and my theory is that will be because Karl & Susan will be moving to England to be nearer to Malcolm and the child Karl had with Izzy. There will be a big leaving do which would bring back a whole host of characters and I also think that Scott & Charlene will move back onto Ramsay Street which in turn will bring back even older characters.

Are you a fan of Neighbours? Who's your favourite character?


  1. I have never heard of this before! It sounds like a wonderful show though.

  2. Nooooo it can't end. I've watched it since day 1, even keeping up with it while we lived abroad, we could watch it on tv in South Africa at 6am in the morning.