Tuesday 15 March 2022

Some random thoughts that I've had lately. Part Eight!

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts. Some of my random thoughts, thoughts that don't fit into a blog post but I want to mention them and share them with you. You can read my previous mind dump here.

Question marks

I think I am a little bit in love with Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukraine President. I have been trying to limit how much of the news I watch but have seen a lot about him on TikTok. I love that he became president after being in a TV show about a president, he was the voice of Paddington and won his countries version of Strictly! He is what a leader is supposed to be.

Becky makes me proud by acting so mature when other's around her are acting like children.

A good doctor who explains everything and makes time to talk really makes a difference. 

We should eat pancakes more instead of just on pancake day!

I spent time Googling how to survive a nuclear attack after the news from Ukraine. I actually knew most of what I read but did learn that you are not to use conditioner in your hair because it will bind radioactive material to your hair. Eek! 

The girls are learning so much about Ukraine in school and college. With Ellie it has came up a lot in PHSE and Geography and Becky's tutor just likes to have a good rant. hehehe

I was gutted that my girls no longer do anything for World Book Day. I miss them dressing up for school.

The soaps changing the times are taking some getting used to but it does mean I can watch both Hollyoaks on E4 and Emmerdale without them clashing and me having to record one.

Eastenders was amazing last week, in fact they all were fantastic.

Ellie makes the best cups of tea, even better than I can make!

Becky is planning a little holiday for her and her girlfriend in a few months. I am quite jealous. They're just staying in the UK but the trip she has planned sounds fantastic.

The whole time we've lived here, 2 and half years I've never seen my neighbours get online food shop deliveries but in the last 3 weeks they've both had a few. How strange. Yes, I am a nosy neighbour.

My Valentine's day flowers did so well, they lasted nearly 3 weeks! I was amazed, with them being rainbow roses I thought I would be lucky to get a week out of them.

The kids made me buy the Vimto cheesecake from Iceland and I wished I had said no. It was awful. I hate wasting food but I couldn't eat it, none of us liked it.

I always moan about watching the football but when it's on I get right into it!

Every time I plan my day something seems to crop up. From now on I am just winging it and not making any firm plans. lol

The nice weather has got me itching to get in the garden and start planting things.

I love having a declutter and we had a big one in Ellie's bedroom over the weekend. 6 bags of clothes to donate, a box of toys and a box of books. 

Nothing makes me happier then getting an email saying all of the grocery shopping I have ordered is being delivered, no substitutions!! 

It's took me years to get into the Gousto boxes and now I want to get a delivery every week. We're not though, maybe one once a month.

What random thoughts have you had lately?


  1. I like your random thoughts posts. Zelenskyy seems to be doing an amazing job – I love that he became president after playing the president in a TV show. I agree with you that we should eat pancakes more and not on pancake day. How lovely that Becky and her girlfriend are planning a holiday. I hope they have a wonderful time. Sounds like you had a good decluttering session in Ellie’s bedroom. #MMBC

  2. We rarely eat pancakes either but I do enjoy them when we do. There was a place we ate at on vacation called flapjacks that made THE BEST cinnamon bun pancakes and served them with a white syrup similar to the topping of a cinnamon bun. We're heading back to that same town in New Hampshire in June and I am determined to eat there again.

  3. urgh to Vimto cheesecake. I won't be googling how to survive a nuclear attack, we talked enough about it in the 80s. I do agree about the pancakes though, I used to have a friend who would whip up some pancakes every time we visited, I think she was addicted to them, lol. xx