Saturday 5 March 2022

Week 9 of #Project365. 26th Feb - 4th March. A photo every day for a year!

We have had a pretty average week, well apart from Becky being poorly over the weekend, she even missed a day at college on Monday but thankfully if she completed her work at home she wouldn't get marked as missing a day. Hooray for home learning still being a thing. I have enjoyed being in the kitchen making a few delicious treats for us and Ellie's school had a careers event and she came home with lots of information about colleges and apprenticeships. She is very excited to leave school and I keep thinking she has ages left but this time next year she will be getting ready to do her GCSE's. Eek!

Now for a photo every day!

The local auction
Mothers day gifts and my eldest
Youngest with a pancake & a pie
Scones and Netflix

57/365 - 26th February
We went to our local auction. Stu wanted a couple of things and Ellie wanted the Pikachu bag. We got it for £3. I didn't get anything apart from a burger from the cafe. It was a nice few hours out especially since it was so warm.

58/365 - 27th February
The gorgeous items out of the Mother's Day gift box that I featured on my blog on Wednesday. 

59/365 - 28th February
Becky had a day off college as she still wasn't feeling 100%. She got on with her college work and got plenty done.

60/365 - 1st March
Pancake day and the kids went for chocolate spread on theirs, I went for lemon and golden syrup. Yum, yum!

61/365 - 2nd March
I made a corned beef & potato pie and it was good. I just wish I had made a couple so they lasted longer.

62/365 - 3rd March
I made scones and made plenty. hehehe

63/365 - 4th March
I have been rewatching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. I'm now onto the 2nd series and I've realised that I haven't seen it! I was going to watch it when it first came out but I couldn't have got around to it.

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  1. I've not seen the Umbrella Academy. There's always so much choice for tv shows, I never get round to them all. I think I'll make scones tomorrow for pudding. Hope Becky's feeling better soon. The school years go so quickly don't they, it feels like Ellie's only just started there.

  2. Corned beef and potato pie sounds delicious! I never know what to do with leftover corned beef.

  3. Hope Becky is feeling much better now. The corned beef and potato pie and the scones look delicious. #project365

  4. I've watched the Umbrella Academy, its pretty good. Sorry to hear Becky wasn't feeling good, but its good she still managed to get her work done.

  5. My scones never rise, always blamed the GF flour but Matthew made them this week and they didn't rise either: what's your secret? I haven't heard of the Umbrella Academy so off to google it and see whether to add it to our list #project365

  6. What a bargain getting that Pikachu bag for £3! I would love to have a browse round all the shelves and get bidding. Fab effort with the pie, looks great. Chuck a scone over here please, they look divine!

  7. Looks like there were lots of bargains at the auction. Wow those scones look great, I have not made them for the longest time. Really need to change that. I hope Becky is feeling better now. I have not heard of Umbrella Academy I have been looking for a new series so will have to check it out.

  8. Lemon only for me on the pancakes. The auctions look fab, hope the new bag is up for the job. Hope Becky is fully recovered now