Saturday 26 March 2022

Week 12 of #Project365. 19th - 25th March. A photo every day for a year!

What a glorious week of weather we've had. It really feels like spring is here and summer is on it's way. I've sat out in the garden, had plenty of washing out on the line and I've even seen and heard the ice cream van go past a couple of times and had a cheeky pint in the pub beer garden.

We have had a good week. Ellie got her school report for the spring term and she is doing so well. Her predicted grades for her GCSE's are amazing, I am regretting telling her I would give her money for every grade C and above and Becky got the results back for the exams she did earlier in the year. She of course passed them all.

I seem to have been busy all week. Doing little jobs around the house, meeting up for coffee with friends, going to see my dad and still finding time to keep up with the housework. I am thanking the sun, it always gives me so much motivation.

Now for a photo every day!

Becky in her new bedroom and Fortnite
Mum plant pots and roses
Quiche and hair dye
My greenhouse and me

78/365 - 19th March
We finally got around to swapping the kids bedrooms around. Ellie now has the smaller room and Becky the bigger one. It was hard work taking everything of Becky's old room, putting it in ours then moving Ellie's things into Becky's old room and finally everything of Becky's into her new room but it's done now and both rooms look great. They wanted it that way and so far it's working. Becky is loving the extra space and Ellie is finding it easier to keep her bedroom tidy. It was a great way to declutter too!

79/365 - 20th March
A new season of Fortnite. I loaded it up but didn't play, I wasn't queuing for over an hour. Ugh. I had a few games eventually and I am not a fan of the new season. I know Fortnite is all about fighting but I am not liking the tanks, new things in the game and not being able to build. Hmmf.

80/365 - 21th March
A Moonpig parcel was delivered for Becky and it turns out it was my mother's day present. The silly sausage forgot to pick a certain day for delivery, ideally it should have came yesterday but it was an early treat for me. She rang from college saying I had to open it and water them. lol They are gorgeous, the pots and the roses.

81/365 - 22th March
I had leftover pastry from making a leftover roast dinner pie and decided I would try to make a quiche. It was my first time making one and I must say it turned out well. I thought there was more to making them than there is.

82/365 - 23th March
Time to dye my hair again. I stuck with the pillar box red. The top half looks red but the bottom more pink. It's fine, I love it.

83/365 - 24th March
My little greenhouse is amazing!! Lots of different things are growing so well. The flowers and sunflowers especially.

84/365 - 25th March
Off to meet Stu from work. I love that he finishes early on a Friday, especially when the sun is shining.

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  1. The room switch sounds like it was a success. Those flower pots look really cute. I bought my own flowers because the OH is oblivious - even though all he'd need to do is take N 2 mins down the road to the post office where they do flowers. That quiche looks so good - I've never made one either although my mum used to all the time. I should really attempt one, or maybe get N to make one as he likes quiche for school packed lunches. The OH doesn't like quiche and I can't eat normal pastry on my diet so we'd have to make a small one.

  2. You really have been having beautiful weather! I'm jealous as we've only had a handful of nice days. I love your roses/MUM pots; what a fabulous gift. I like making quiche and tend to make one a week (sometimes traditional with a crust and sometimes crustless after spraying the pan well with non-stick spray). They are really simple to make and with so many different things to mix in I never get tired of them.

  3. It has been lovely to be able to sit outside and have washing on the line, hasn’t it? Well done to Ellie on her school report and to Becky on her exam results. Love your Mothers’ Day flowers. Glad that the bedroom swap went well. I love your little greenhouse – so lovely to see things starting to grow. #project365

  4. The weather was so summery and then this week we've had snow! We need to do a room swap sometime in the summer so Anya gets a room on her own. #project365

  5. The weather has been so nice! Well done to both Becky and Ellie! You must be so proud!

    Those mum pots are lovely!

  6. it's been so lovely being able to sit outside and especially enjoying a pub beer garden visit. We may haver had a few of them ourselves. Glad the kids room swop is working, I remember doing this many times. Lovely Mothers Day present and I love your hair as always.