Tuesday 1 March 2022

In February I was grateful for... #365DaysOfGratitude

I have seen many people on social media list something every day that they are grateful for and thought I would join in and have on my private Facebook account every day. I am hoping to continue it for the rest of the year and longer.

What I am grateful for

Day 32 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 1st.
Today I am grateful for finding Profiteroles in the freezer, left over from Christmas! I had forgotten all about them and actually thought we'd already eaten them.

Day 33 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 2nd.
Today I am grateful for people that talk sense and calm me down. After getting the results of Ellie's MRI scan and it showing bleeds on her brain the nurse at the hospital was amazing, my dad had some wise words, his cousin offered great advice and online friends were just there to offer support. Thank you!

Day 34 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 3rd.
Today I am grateful for Becky getting in the kitchen and making a cherry and an apple crumble. It took her about 5 hours from deciding to make them to actually getting them out of the oven. lol They do taste amazing though!

Day 35 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 4th.
Today I am grateful for breakfast out, seeing my dad, laughs with Becky and her girlfriend and it's finally the weekend!

Day 36 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 5th
Today I am grateful for a nice relaxed day. Had a lie in, watched the football, more of This is Us, had sausage, apple and potato traybake for tea and now we're settled in front of the TV again watching The Masked Singer.

Day 37 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 6th
Today I am grateful for a lie in and a lazy day!

Day 38 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 7th.
Today I am grateful for fresh bedding and clean pj's. 

Day 39 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 8th.
Today I am grateful for cheesecake! Cadbury creme egg cheesecake made by Becky! She made a Biscoff one too but it was far too sweet for me!

Day 40 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 9th.
Today I am grateful for the TV show This Is Us! Wow! What a great show. I am well and truly hooked. I'm halfway through the 2nd season and cried at the Super Bowl episode. I had an idea what was coming! 

Day 41 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 10th
Today I am grateful for a little bit of spare money so Stu & I can make plans for Valentine's day! 

Day 42 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 11th.
Today I am grateful that it is the start of half term. We are so ready for a break from our routine.

Day 43 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 12th.
Today I am grateful for an early Valentine's day meal. The meal deal from Morrison's needed to be eaten tomorrow so we thought we'd have it tonight as an early treat.
We had garlic & cream cheese mushrooms with garlic ciabatta breadsticks for starters, Beef Wellington with minty potatoes and carrots and then Belgium chocolate brownie puddings with ice cream for dessert. I am washing it all down with a bottle of prosecco.

Day 44 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 13th.
Today I am grateful for pretty rainbow roses! Stu got me them for Valentine's day!

Rainbow roses

Day 45 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 14th.
Today I am grateful for an afternoon tea that I got delivered.

Day 46 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 15th.
Today I am grateful for Valentine's cards which were delivered a day late. They gave us a giggle. It turns out both Stu and I bought from the same seller. the cards were smaller than we thought they would be and despite saying they would arrive yesterday they came today. I suppose we can keep them for next year. 

Day 47 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 16th.
Today I am grateful for a chat with an old friend. Old as in I've known her a while, not in age. lol Although talking about our kids did make me feel old. They grow up so fast!

Day 48 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 17th.
Today I am grateful for my dad and his drill. Our back gate blew off it's hinges when we were putting the wheelie bin out. My dad came and helped fix it. 

Day 49 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 18th.
Today I am grateful for a cosy day of staying home. The wind wasn't that bad until late this afternoon and it feels like we got nothing compared to other people, especially those down south. I hope everyone is OK.

Day 50 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 19th.
Today I am grateful for a lovely day out shopping. The weather wasn't great. We got rained and snowed on but it didn't bother us, the shops were warm.

Day 51 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 20th.
Today I am grateful for a lazy day watching TV and films. Wonder, Call the Midwife and Dirty Dancing. 

Day 52 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 21st.
Today I am grateful for a Sunday dinner on a Monday! There's leftovers to put in a pie tomorrow too. 

Day 53 of #365DaysOfGratitude February - February 22nd.
Today I am grateful for things getting back to normal. First comes the phone call about Ellie's heart check up which we've waited 2 years for and then we get a phone call from the dentists rearranging the girls check up. The last time they had their teeth checked was about 2 years ago too.

Day 54 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 23rd.
Today I am grateful for a day home alone! I love my family to bits but sometimes it's nice to have a break from them.

Day 55 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 24th.
Today I am grateful for being safe and at home with my loved one's. It is shocking what is happening in Ukraine. I really do feel for those families who are losing their homes, loved one's and their lives. 

Day 56 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 25th.
Today I am grateful for a sunny, warm day! I had a walk out and it was lovely. I sat outside a cafe, had something to eat and even ended up taking my coat off. 

Day 57 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 26th.
Today I am grateful for a visit to our local auction. Ellie got the Pikachu bag for £3 and Stu got a Now TV box for £2. I was just happy for a walk out and a burger from the cafe!


Day 58 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 27th.
Today I am grateful for a lovely, sunny Sunday. Pj's all day, films on the TV and lots of yummy food.

Day 59 of #365DaysOfGratitude - February 28th.
Today I am grateful that Becky is starting to feel better after having a iffy stomach for the last few days. She's eating again and hasn't had a nap yet, that's progress.

What were you grateful for in February?

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  1. What a lot of things to be thankful for. It sounds like you had a fun and full month. Glad Becky is feeling better.