Tuesday 18 January 2022

Some random thoughts that I've had lately. Part Seven!

It's been a while since I have done one of these posts. Some of  my random thoughts, thoughts that don't fit into a blog post but I want to mention them and share them with you. You can read my previous mind dump here.

Question marks

The government had more parties during lockdown than I have probably been to in the last 15 years. I feel so sad for those who couldn't be with loved one's when they were dying, be at their funerals and all while the MP's were partying. 
The sooner Boris goes the better.

Meena off Emmerdale was totally psychotic but she is a bit brilliant. I have laughed out loud at her and also spent plenty of time shouting at the TV. She is one of the best baddies on the soaps in years.

Ellie said she was brave enough to go in the room for her MRI scan herself after we'd been through the safety questions with the nurse. It made me quite sad. She's growing up so fast.

 Becky is making plans for her life and they are exciting but it's another case that one of my kids is growing up and now she's thinking about leaving home. Not yet though, it won't be for at least another couple of years.

I am obsessed with how many steps I do per day since I got my fancy new watch for Christmas. We all have one now apart from Ellie and she want's one too.

Someone locally keeps doing DIY on a Sunday morning usually starting at about 8am. That is too early to be making a noise!

I am going to try a new hair colour this week. Alpine green. I don't know how it will look, I usually go for reds, purples, pinks and blues. My family isn't convinced and they said they're going to hate it but it's my hair and want to give it a try.

We are spending our Saturday nights shouting at the TV watching The Masked Singer. It's proper Saturday night TV that we can join in and guess who's under the masks and of course disagree about it.

I bought Ellie a coat over the weekend, she's finally given in and says she's going to wear it for school, she better! She hasn't worn a coat for school for so long but come to think of it the weather is colder and this time last year she was doing home learning and only went to school when the weather was getting warmer.

I have been using my personal Facebook account more just to keep family more updated about our lives and it freaks Becky out every time I update my status, she is not used to it. 

Despite the government changing and relaxing the rules to do with the virus us as a family we are not relaxing. We're still wearing masks, staying away from people and testing when we have to.

I can't stand Ricky Gervais but love his Netflix show After Life, I watched it all in a couple of days.

White clothes are not for me. I got a lovely white and grey jumper and within half an hour of wearing it I had dirtied it. Hmmf.

We are still eating chocolate and treats left over from Christmas and probably still will be by Easter. In December will someone remind me not to overbuy! I even made rice krispie tray bake with some of them melted down.

I have realised that I struggle to exercise if I am stressed and exercising when I am stressed just makes me feel rotten.

As much as we all knew the Hillsborough disaster shouldn't have happened and was devastating for all the families involved seeing it from one mothers point of view was heart breaking. I watched Anne and cried nearly all the way through the 4 episodes. It was a bit of a shock she had died, I had no idea.

What random thoughts have you had lately?


  1. I've been wanting to watch Afterlife even though he is not my favorite actor either. Our government has been really bad about parties and get togethers too while cautioning us all not to get together with our families... except most of us seem to just ignore their cautions. We see the celebs and the sport players getting to whatever they want too and being encouraged even to bring in the money in these huge stadiums so why not have 5 people over for dinner?!?

  2. Aw bless Ellie mri scans are scary places so agree really brave x #mmbc

  3. I am loving this collection of random thoughts. I am o fan of Ricky Gervais either. . . but I find it's best to do exercise when stressed. And don't get me started on Downing Street parties.

  4. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing your brain dump! The whole party thing is utterly ridiculous and awful. My daughter is 14 now, very much growing up it's scary isn't it. Can't imagine them leaving home. I wonder what my brain dump would look like lol x