Tuesday 25 January 2022

My girls are growing up, a little too quickly for my liking.

A few things have happened over the past few weeks which has made me realise that my girls are not children any more and they are growing up. It's obvious our children are going to grow up but sometimes little things sneak up on us and it's a bit of a shock. As a parent it's not a good feeling when they are too independent, especially when it makes me feel like I am a not needed. 

My girls

Ellie went for a MRI scan a couple of weeks ago. It was just procedure before she gets fitted for hearing aids and she was all Miss Independent. We went in and the nurse went through all the safety questions with Ellie and I was just there to butt in and expand on the answers Ellie gave, she did a great job and answered most things by herself and then when it came to Ellie going in for her MRI scan the nurse asked Ellie if she wanted me to go in with her and Ellie said she wasn't fussed. It was a bit of a kicker that my girl didn't feel like she needed me anymore to hold her hand. I sat in the waiting room twiddling my thumbs and when Ellie came out the nurse said that she did great, better than a lot of adults. 

Becky only has a few months left at college and she is making plans for her future. As it stands now when she leaves college she has a promise of a full time job, the one she is doing now part time in the care home. She loves it so it won't be an issue but what has made me realise that she is growing up is the talk about moving out. Eek! It's going to happen one day but I can't imagine Becky not living with me. It's not going to happen anytime soon, she has said that she want's at least 18 months to two years to save and then she is planning to rent somewhere. She had thought about moving to Scunthorpe to be more central to work and her girlfriend but has decided to stay in the little town where we live. I have told her that houses or flats to rent here are as rare as unicorn poop but she said there is no rush. Phew!! 

I have stepped back when it comes to Ellie doing her homework. She tends to do most of it buy herself now. She still sometimes needs a little help especially with maths but it's Becky she goes to not me. I am rubbish when it comes to maths and I am way past understanding what she is studying now. Me stepping back also means that she has to be responsible for getting her homework done on time and handing it in and that's where some problems are arising. Ellie had a detention last night for not handing her homework in, she had done it, I remember her doing it as she was telling me facts about the digestive system but had left it at home. I'd like to say it's a lesson learned but she'll probably do the same thing again before the school year is over.

Another reason that Becky is loving working is the wages. She has got the hang of online shopping and doesn't need me to buy her anything now, although I still do, things like food and some clothes. lol Yesterday I was sat here taking in parcels for her. There was 6 in total. At least there is one thing that she still needs me for, to answer the door. lol

I am so proud that my girls are growing up and are independent but sometimes it really stings that they don't need me as much anymore.


  1. Awww you should be proud your girls are turning out lovely x #mmbc

  2. Oh I hear you on that! I both love and hate that my boys are getting so independent. I take pride is raising them to be that way but do miss the feeling of being needed.

  3. Sounds like you have done a fantastic job. Our second eldest is working now and he's buying loads of stuff to be delivered - including food shops!

  4. Your girls have really grown up from when I first started following your blog and they sound like they are both growing into lovely, sensible girls to be proud of. That feeling of not being needed so much anymore must be quite hard to adjust to though. #MMBC

  5. It's inevitable and sad, but also a time to embrace. I love how your girls are flourishing but glad that they will always have Mum to take in the parcels :) (I know the feeling, that's my job too!) xx

  6. I can totally relate to this. I know my two are younger than your girls, but I notice a lot of things that tell me my boys are growing up fast, especially Jayden.
    Becky and Ellie and beautiful and sensible girls, but they will always need their mum. Sending big hugs. xx