Wednesday 19 January 2022

(Ad - Gifted) Brain health supplements for all the family from Efamol!

The past year has been a challenge for millions of people all over the world, with many people using this time to focus on their health, headspace and diet. Now that the new year is here has never been a better time to focus on your brain health.

I think January is a great time for a change in lifestyle, a new start and all that. Recently my family and I have been sent some products to help with our brains from Efamol!

Brain health supplements for all the family from Efamol

Our brains are mostly made up of fat, with DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) being the most abundant omega 3 fatty acid, making up to 70% of the fatty acids found within the brain structure. DHA is present in the outer structure of our cells and has consistently been found to play a unique role in normal brain development of children and normal brain function throughout life. Yet despite the importance of DHA, dietary intakes are below current recommendations for most of the population.

Efamol has a product range to provide the required daily intake of Omega 3 DHA for all the family:

For 6 months plus.
Formulated with little ones in mind, Efamol Kids Omega 3 DHA Drops are a simple and effective way to top up your child’s omega 3 levels. Suitable for babies and children as they progress through school. Each tiny 1ml daily dose contains 400mg of DHA, well above the 250mg required to support normal brain function and vision. 

For 3 years plus.

Efalex Brain Formula Liquid

Efalex Brain Formula Liquid is a unique blend of Fish Oil and Evening Primrose Oil including DHA and EPA (Omega 3 fatty acids) and GLA and AA (Omega 6 fatty acids). Coming in liquid form for those who can't or don't like swallowing capsules.

For 5 years plus.

Efamol Efalex Brain Formula

Efamol Efalex Brain Formula, these tiny capsules are easy for children to swallow as they are only 15mm by 10mm. They are high in the omega 3 fat DHA which helps support normal brain function and vision, uniquely they also contain AA, the second most abundant fat in the brain and the omega 6 fat GLA from Evening Primrose Oil.

For adults.
Efamol Efamax High Strength Pure Fish Oil, this ultra-strength formula is one of the strongest on the UK market containing 800mg of DHA and EPA. DHA supports normal brain performance and vision, and DHA and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) contribute to the normal function of the heart. This product is also suitable during pregnancy.

For older adults.

Efamol Active Memory

Efamol Active Memory contains a high strength omega 3 DHA fish oil, to support normal brain function plus Vitamin B12  & Folic Acid which support normal psychological function and Ginkgo Biloba, which helps to maintain memory with age decline and preserve cognitive function.

Remember that food supplements should not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

These products vary in price depending on what you are buying and can be bought from high street stores like Boots, Amazon and the Efamol website.

I was sent the Brain health supplements for all the family from Efamol free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. I do love a good supplement and it's always good to look after your brain.

  2. I've used Omega 3 for my kids in the past. I'm quite interested in the Active Memory as I take vt B12 and folic acid separately.