Friday 28 January 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Watching! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


I really don't know what I have done with the past week. It has been one of just plodding on with life and not much going on. The kids have been to school and college, Stu to work and I have been pottering around at home. The weather has been rubbish and so cold. It has had me in such a grump so I thought the only way to cheer myself up is to escape and watch plenty of TV. It has worked, I am feeling much better with myself now.

We had a fun night on Saturday watching TV. It's a proper family night on the week that Becky isn't at work. We always guess along with the Masked Singer which of course causes arguments but it's all in fun. We then watch Ant and Dec's Limitless Win. I have seen a lot of people on Twitter are not fans but it is a good show to watch as a family, we all play along.

Sunday night TV is the best now. We love Dancing on Ice, Call the Midwife and I watched the first episode of Trigger Point. It had been advertised loads so I didn't expect it to live up to the hype but it did! I loved it and can't wait to watch more.

On a Monday Becky and I record Geordie Hospital to watch later. It follows the staff and some patients in the Newcastle hospitals which is very interesting for us as we've spent time in both the Freemans and the RVI. We saw the ward where the girls spent a week when they had their open heart surgery and recognise so much of the hospital. 

It got to that point where I seem to have watched all that I want on Netflix and my subscription is up at the end of this week so I decided to go back to Disney Plus. I had a few nice surprises when I logged into my account. This is Us is on Disney now, I thought it was just an Amazon show, people rave about it so I have started watching and I am loving it so far. I have obviously heard about the film Encanto but didn't realise it was free to watch. Ellie and I are planning to watch it tonight and the same goes for the Marvel film Eternals and Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Stu has seen them and said they're not amazing but they're worth a watch. I still have half of Loki to watch and all of Hawkeye too so that should keep me occupied for a while.

I am sat here now watching Classic episodes of Coronation Street that I have been recording, all the way back from Christmas 1999! Some of it I remember watching but there is a lot I have forgotten about like Leanne Battersby taking drugs. I knew she was in with one of the bad guys but the drug part of it slipped my mind. I miss the likes of Mike Baldwin and Fred Elliot, he was funny.

What have you been watching on TV?

Word of the Week


  1. I have been watching a lot of TV too. I watched the third series of A Discovery of Witches and also enjoyed The Tourist. I loved Stay Close as well and it inspired my next book read. I'm enjoying The Apprentice but we don't really watch Dancing on Ice or Call the Midwife. I did watch Trigger Point and thought it was good but I was so annoyed that a so called bomb expert would go to switch on a light when they knew there was a bomb in the house. I'm not an expert and even I know that would be a definitely NO. Lol x

  2. Love The Masked Singer! it's one of the few shows we watch, mainly because Madam likes it :) also Winterwatch is a favourite too. Lucifer when I get the chance and Lost In Space.

  3. Wow! We've not watched any of the things you've mentioned here, lol

    We got a smart TV recently and also moved around the furniture in the living room so now the TV is away from where it was connected to that wire thingy that allowed us to watch free tv. so now we mostly watch youtube stuff and netflicks when we hear of something good.

  4. We've been watching Unbreakables Kimmy Schmidt, which was good for light viewing. Gradually working our way through the Marvel Movies in order, for family movie nights. I love a plodding week. #wotw

  5. I watched Encanto and thought it was cute. That's all I've watched from your list. I feel like I'm struggling to find good shows. We just finished Billions on Prime and haven't settled on anything else yet.

  6. Glad the TV watching caused you to feel better. I haven't watched any of these shows.

  7. We don't watch a lot of TV but it sounds like you've been enjoying lots of good shows over the last week. We watched Encanto recently and loved it - hope you enjoy it too. #WotW

  8. It's funny because sometimes you can spend ages on Netflix just trying to find something to watch. We love Encanto, watch it most mornings. I liked the Marvel films, I have to watch the series though and the Star Wars ones. I have Amazon Prime too at the moment as we wanted to watch some of the other Walking Dead shows. We said we will cancel that when we are done watching everything we want on there #WotW