Saturday 15 January 2022

Week 2 of #Project365. 8th - 14th January. A photo every day for a year!

Hooray for the weekend. I have had a bit of a stressful week but all the issues are dealt with and my family have all learned some lessons from the past week so it's not all bad. Today we're off to the hospital for Ellie to have her MRI scan which surprisingly I am not that worried about. It's just a check before she gets fitted for her hearing aids, just routine and it's not expected to throw up any other problems, it might even shed some light on why she is deaf in one ear. Ellie is looking forward to it, she loves hospitals.

Now for a photo every day!

Quality Street and dare shake
My dad's car and wraps
Pancakes and fruit and me!

8/365 - 8th January
I think we are going to be eating the Christmas sweets until Easter. lol I think Quality Street are my favourite over Celebrations and Heroes. The strawberry creams are the best.

9/365 - 9th January
I was sent some motivational Shakes from dare to try out. I have been drinking one on a morning instead of coffee. I think they're great.

10/365 - 10th January
I made meatloaf for tea. It's such a faff and it reminded me why I don't make them very often. It did taste amazing though and my family loved it, it was worth all of my effort.

11/365 - 11th January
My dad popped over to drop something off and gave his little car a run out. He build it up from just the base and even though he says it's finished now he keeps working on it. It is of course legal to be on the road. He took Becky for a run out in and she wants it. hehehe

12/365 - 12th January
I messed up and bought wholemeal tortilla wraps instead of the plain white one's. I didn't think my family would approve but apart from a slight grumble they wolfed them down, it was me that wasn't that taken with them, they were nice but not the same as white wraps.

13/365 - 13th January
Pancakes and fruit for brunch.

14/365 - 14th January
Me. I went into Ellie's room to open her window and took advantage of her mirror. It really is the best one in the house and would be even better if there wasn't a pile of clothes in front of it. lol

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  1. Your dads car is so neat! I love all the pretty colors in the sweet bowl.

  2. How cool is your dad's car. Clever to have built it.
    I've had wholewheat wrap substitutions a couple of times and they always go back as noone eats them here. I suppose they'd be ok for quesadillas or quick pizzas, but there would be moaning

  3. Oh wow your dad's car looks pretty cool!

    White wraps are the best but Wholewheat generally are healthier! Hubby and myself eat them but the kids prefer white.

  4. Your Dad's car looks fabulous! So quirky and original. Hope the hospital visit went well and you have the answers to questions you had. My guys also love Strawberry creams. I don't often buy wraps, but agree, the white ones are tastier, even if they are less healthy. Pancakes for breakfast, lovely! You look pretty with your pink hair.

  5. Hope the MRI went as planned. I love the strawberry creams too. We've almost finished all the chocolates here, then to start on the shortbread! Love your Dad's car! #365

  6. Love your dad’s car – it’s very cool. I’ve never tried making meatloaf – might have to try doing it at some point. Glad it was worth the effort. Pancakes and fruit is a yummy brunch. We're still working our way through Christmas chocolate too! #project365

  7. I like car he is so clever to have built that from scratch. I have never tried making meatloaf although have tried the wholemeal wraps and know what you mean. My favourite quality street are the strawberry and orange creams too!

  8. I love meatloaf and I did make one once but I only try to eat it when we visit America. Wholemeal tortilla wraps are interesting! We do like the seeded ones that you can get if not we opt for plan. You have made me want pancakes now! Love your hair #365

  9. Strawberry creams are my favourite also, I don't know many people who like them. Love your dads car, such an unusual design and looks a lot of fun to drive. Glad you've been able to resolve the issues from the lessons learnt, hopefully this was just a blip for you all. Good luck with the hearing aid and hospital appointment

  10. Fab car! Creams were my fave chocs until I went vegan and still looking for a replacement! #project365

  11. I feel the same about the chocolates from Christmas too! I need my cupboard space back for normal food. Yum the pancakes with fruit look so good. I love your dad's car, how amazing is that. Motivational shakes great name, I need some motivating in the morning and the flavour combo sounds very tempting too.