Friday 14 January 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Lesson! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


What a week! I am so glad it's almost the weekend although we do have Ellie's MRI scan to deal with tomorrow, it's nothing to worry about, it's just to check her ears before she gets fitted for a hearing aids. My family and I have had a week of lessons this week, learning them and booking them.

A couple of times a year I will think it's a good idea to make a meatloaf and every time when I do I remember why I don't make it often. It is such a faff to make and takes so long to cook. It is delicious but I just don't learn my lesson. I would love it if shops would sell it ready made so we just have to heat it as my family love it so much.

Becky has finally booked her first driving lesson! In an ideal world she would have started them a couple of years ago but the virus and lockdowns put a stop to that. Even when the driving instructors started working again there were waiting lists and Becky was on a few but we got the name of a driving instructor who was taking on students and thought it was worth a shot. Her first lesson isn't for a few weeks but it's progress and the company she's booked with has some great offers on. Her first 2 hour lesson costs the same as an hour lesson elsewhere and the block booking of 10 lessons are much cheaper than elsewhere too. It seems her waiting to start her lessons is better for her bank balance. We are going to see how her first lesson goes and then book her in for her theory test as I have heard there is quite a wait for that too.

On Wednesday I was enjoying my day home alone and had a list of things I was planning to do when I got a phone call from Ellie's school which really threw me. She has been involved with online bullying, not the victim but one of the bullies. After suffering years of bullying herself I was so ashamed and I really did think she would know better. I am not going to say much because I don't know who reads here but things are not as black and white as they initially seemed. I am not defending her, she was in the wrong and is now banned from the internet for the foreseeable unless it's to do her homework. I think she has learned her lesson.

I learned a lesson from Ellie's bad behaviour too. Even though I thought I was keeping an eye on her activities online she was doing things that I didn't know about. When she is allowed back online her computer is being moved into the living room where I can see exactly what she's doing. 

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one?

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  1. Oh dear...these things are sent to try us. Good luck to Becky with her driving lesson!

  2. Lessons, both good and bad are sent for us to learn a...lesson. Hope things get sorted soon for the driving, meatloaf and bullying. I've never made a meatloaf myself. There is a Jamaican meatloaf which is more similar to a pasty than a loaf. I should look for a recipe and try your type of meatloaf one day.

  3. Good luck to Becky with her driving lessons. It must have been such a shock about Ellie, but like you say, it's not always black and white. At least important lessons have been learned, better now than later. xx

  4. My middle son is going for his test next weekend for what call a driver permit here in the states which then allows him to practice driving with a licensed driver in the car with him. He's also taking driving classes which has a class component that goes through all the rules of the road as well as a driving component with an instructor. He will then test through the school-- both a written and practical on the road to get his actual license in a few months. I am much more nervous about him learning to drive than I ever was with my oldest! Best of luck to your daughter on her driving!!

  5. Oh good luck to Becky with her driving lessons, how exciting!
    Glad that everything got sorted with the school. Like you say, not everything is what it seems but at least you have dealt with it and lessons have been learned.
    Have a lovely weekend chick. xx

  6. Hope she's learnt from the bullying now. Nightmare for you. Hope Becky's driving lessons go well. I used to love my lessons

  7. Good luck to Becky with her driving lessons. Sorry to hear that Ellie was involved in online bullying and fingers crossed that she's learned her lesson. I've never tried making a meatloaf - the effort involved always puts me off. Hope you've had a chance to relax over the weekend. #WotW

  8. Oh dear, sorry to hear about troubles with Ellie. Does she suffer from anxiety, or lack of confidence? Hope you'll all be able to get to the root of it, why she did it. Big hugs to you.
    As for the meatloaf, I have definitely seen it in Waitrose, though never bought it. Just had a quick look online, and it's stuffed with mozzarella cheese, and has a separate pouch of tomato sauce. I think Tesco might sell it too.

  9. Oh no what a week! I'm sorry to hear about the call from school. Being a teenager now is such a minefield! Actually so is being 7! I hope the driving lessons go well. I used to book them in blocks of ten. I would hate to think how much they cost now! #WotW