Saturday 1 January 2022

Week 52 of #Project365. 25th - 31st December. A photo every day for a year!

Happy New Year!! Here's to 2022.

It made me smile that the year finished on a Friday and tied in perfectly with the last post Project 365 for the year. I will of course be continuing, I think it's a great way to remember the small things that happen throughout the year. 

We have had a great week with lots of relaxing, Becky and I had our booster jabs and there was a day of recovering from that. We were so tired. Thankfully now we are back to normal and our arms have just about stopped aching.

Now for a photo every day!

Opening Christmas presents
My new watch and a Costa drink
An incense burner and putting the xmas decs away
A Lindor Easter egg
Washing out on the line

359/365 - 25th December
We had a fantastic Christmas. The girls got everything they wanted and more. It was a nice relaxed day where we ate far too much but that's what Christmas is all about. I hope you all had a good one.

360/365 - 26th December
My main present, one of those smart watches. I am becoming obsessed with how many steps I am doing. Thankfully the rest of the week has been an improvement on the 500 and odd that I did on Boxing day. I love the heart rate monitor, you should see it rise when I am playing Fortnite. lol

361/365 - 27th December
I took Ellie for a walk out. Just to the shop where we ended up getting a hot chocolate from the Costa machine and we walked the long way back. It was nice to get some fresh air.

362/365 - 28th December
Becky's girlfriend got me a Waterfall incense burner for Christmas and she showed me how to use it. It's fascinating how the smoke goes down and not up.

363/365 - 29th December
The Christmas tree and decorations came down and were packed away for another year. It looks so bare in here.

364/365 - 30th December
Christmas is over so bring on the Easter eggs. I am not to blame. Stu bought me one.

365/365 - 31st December
This weather is crazy! It was so warm yesterday, 15c, dry and quite sunny too. I got a couple of loads dried outside on the line which never usually happens at this time of year.

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  1. What a lovely gift I have never seen a burner like that before. Ha ha it did make me chuckle when I saw the Easter Egg seems even earlier this year! So glad you had a great Christmas, wishing you all the best for 2022, Happy New Year x

  2. I want one of those waterfall burners, they are so clever. I love my smart watch, although not when it tells me to stand up. Happy New Year

  3. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas! I haven't seen thos waterfall burners before, it looks fascinating. Love your present! We spotted the Easter eggs in Waitrose on the day before Christmas. Goodness me. We're keeping the tree for now. :) Happy new year to you and yours!

  4. Love the incense waterfall burner, where could I get one from? The weather has been totally mad, although it's getting really cold now. I've got a smartwatch it's so bossy, tells me when to stand up, breathe, walk more etc.

  5. I've seen those incense burners and they are fascinating. hope you all had a lovely Christmas and I'm looing forward to seeing what you all get up to in 2022! #Projeect365

  6. I've seen those incense burners online and have been tempted to get one! The weather had been lovely over the Christmas period.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Might have to get one of those burners for my bestie - she loves that sort of thing. Mad weather isn't it, back to bloody cold here now #365

  8. It’s nice when the days line up nicely for the end of year/project365 post isn’t it? Glad you had a lovely Christmas. Love your new smart watch. I sometimes get a bit addicted to tracking my steps on mine too! The waterfall incense burner looks interesting. Happy new year to you all. #project365

  9. It's awful isn't it the sore arm, mine ached for ages too. I will be doing the updates too, although I missed last week oops! Smart watches are so fab aren't they, my friend has a really good resting heart rate so I need to work on mine, with more sleep, less stress and plenty of healthy food and exercise.