Thursday 27 January 2022

20 ways to avoid winter colds and bugs.

It's that time of year when we all get colds. Becky had a stonker of a cold a few weeks before Christmas, the worst she's had in years. We were worried that it could have been Covid but she was tested and got a negative result. I look back on my Facebook memories every day and at this time every year I complain about having colds. It seems to be a common thing for this time of year. I think it's being run down from organising Christmas, the January blues and it's just grey and cold.

Tissues and a hot drink

one hundred percent think that our immune system has been weakened by the lockdowns, seeing less people and wearing masks during the pandemic, I am not playing it down. I know those things needed to happen but with Covid still going strong, the restrictions being just about all removed as well as the normal winter colds and bugs we need to take extra care and look after ourselves a little bit more.

I have made a promise to myself to exercise more, eat better and sleep more this year and have been throughout January but I need to keep it up especially if I want to stay well. 

Here are a few ideas and a few reminders in how to avoid those winter colds and bugs:

1. Wearing a mask when out in public.
2. Using hand sanitiser frequently.
3. Eating immune boosting foods like oranges and spinach.
4. Staying in as much as possible.
5. Avoiding busy public areas like supermarkets.
6. Avoiding public transport.
7. Getting extra sleep.
8. Drinking lots of water.
9. Washing your hands frequently.
10. Staying warm.
11. Using nasal sanitiser frequently.
12. Taking relief medicines.
13. Wiping down door handles.
14. Eating spicy foods.
15. Ensuring you are in well-ventilated areas when indoors.
16. Eating five fruit and veg a day.
17. Doing plenty of exercise.
18. Getting the latest flu vaccine.
19. Working from home where possible.
20. Having tissues on you at all times.

What are your tips for avoiding winter colds and bugs?


  1. I think that so many colds and things happen in winter because we are all trapped inside with each other and those germs breed in the warmth of our heating systems... so we try to get lots of fresh air and exercise and soak in those vitamin D rays whenever we can. Of course we also eat well, get lots of sleep, and take multivitamins to help fill in anything we might be missing in our diet.

  2. I always have sniffles and an annoying throat clearing habit every winter. Even working from home I have it this year again. I've started taking echinacea to try and help.