Friday 7 January 2022

This week my Word of the Week is: Confuzzled! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Confuzzled is a word which makes me chuckle and means: to be confused and puzzled about a particular topic or situation. A combination of confused and puzzled. I have been confused and puzzled about many things this past week.

I have felt confuzzled for most of this week with what day it is. Monday seemed like a Sunday with it being another bank holiday then Stu went back to work on Tuesday and we had one last day of fun so the girls and I went out for lunch and went to see my dad at work which made it feel like a Friday.

 The girls returned to school and college on Wednesday which made me think that it was a Monday. I even argued with Becky over something convinced I was in the right because it was Monday. I was of course wrong. I then told her she couldn't do something next week because she was at work that night, she isn't. It's this week she works Thursday and Friday.

Today is Friday, I have checked and double checked. Hopefully today will put me back on track with what day it is as we are doing normal Friday things. Ellie is at school, Stu should get an early finish from work, Becky is on her normal night shift and I have shopping being delivered, all the Friday things.

We got an appointment through for Ellie's MRI scan which the doctor wants to do before she is fitted for hearing aids. I did mention it a few weeks ago in a Word of the Week post. I didn't expect an appointment so soon but we won't be going to it and they're sending a new appointment out. I know I said to the doctor that I didn't want Ellie getting a hearing aid to interfere with her schooling but booking her in for a MRI at half 7 in the morning is taking it a bit too literally. We could get there, my dad would have taken us but we would have had to be there well before half 7 and it's just a silly time. When I rang up the person dealing with appointments was a bit confuzzled too, those appointments are usually used for people who are in-patients in hospital. 

The weather has confuzzled me over the past week too. This time last week we had washing out on the line drying and it was actually drying as it was so warm and now as I am writing this it's snowing one minute and raining the next. The cold weather is what we expect for this time of year but I don't have to like it. I am all for hibernating but I have been making a point of going out every day for at least a 10 minute walk.

How has your week been? I hope you have had a good one.

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  1. Love that word. We've all been there this week I think. I love that you do get out to walk. I'm still in hibernation!
    Have a good week ahead.

  2. Definitely a confuzzled week but hopefully things will start returning to normal now (but I can't vouch for the weather behaving!) 7.30am is a crazy time for an appointment. I remember Star having an appointment for that time but she was going to be admitted the same day. We were on the bus, about 10 mins away from hospital when they called me to cancel. BTW it is Friday today :) xx

  3. Love the word confuzzled! Never heard of this before.
    Glad you didn't have to attend a 7:30am appointment! That would have been a mission. It takes us ages just to leave the house.
    The weather has been a mixed bag hasn't it?! Cold one minute and mild the next. I've seen a few have snow. xx

  4. That's how I've been feeling this week trying to make sense of the school's new "sick" policy... I thought the one we had in place was a bit crazy and over the top but the new one literally makes zero sense and I'm just hoping my son stays healthy so I don't have to try and put it into use!

  5. Confuzzled is such a great word, I love it – although not such a good feeling to have! Bank holidays and returning to school mid-week do make the days feel all confused, don’t they? A 7.30am appointment sounds ridiculously early – hope the rescheduled one is a bit more sensible! #WotW

  6. Love this word. That first week of the year was so confusing. I also got confused when New Years day was so I was all over the place! I hope you got a better appointment time. 7.30 is a bit extreme! #WotW