Friday 17 December 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Surprises! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


On my meal planning post on Monday I said I thought this week was going to drag but it has flown over. I have kept myself busy and we've had a few surprises along the way. 

Over the weekend I wrapped the last of the presents and I am done now, I went on a wrapping strike and left Stu to wrap the last couple of things which were delivered and the extra things that we bought from town on Wednesday. Stu also got around to wrapping my presents and let me have a peek. I have got way more than I expected.

I got a phone call off a teacher at school during the week. The last time I spoke to this particular teacher it wasn't great news so hearing her say it was Mrs so and so ringing put me on edge but she had a lovely surprise for me. She said each year one kid is picked from each year group to receive a hamper/bag full of Christmas treats. When the teacher dropped it off I asked why Ellie and she said because she has made so much progress over the last year and has battled on despite the challenges she has had over the last year. I couldn't be prouder. It was such a lovely thing for the school to do and the treats are amazing. Mince pies, chocolates, crackers, biscuits, sweets and much more.

We were at the hospital on Wednesday for Ellie's hearing test. To check her good ear is still good and the deaf one is still deaf. All went well and we have made some progress. The doctor asked Ellie if she wanted to try a hearing aid and she said yes as long as she didn't have to have surgery and he said OK. He has suggested a CROS type hearing aids. The hearing aid in the deaf ear picks up sound and sends it to a hearing aid in the good ear. Ellie will be able to take the hearing aids out if she doesn't get on with them or they are just too much so that's a good thing as everything she has been offered in the past is permanent like cochlear implants. The doctor did say before the hearing aids are fitted they want to do a MRI scan just to see what the deal is with her hearing. I have always said no as it would be no benefit for Ellie it was always just to aid the hospitals research into Ellie's hearing loss but now it feels like they we're taking a step forward we have agreed to it. Ellie has been looking online about MRI scans and is excited about it. Hospital things have always interested her. Nothing is going to happen until next year and with Covid cases rising again goodness knows when she will have her appointments but thankfully there is no rush.

I have had a couple of exciting deliveries over the last week which I was not expecting. A surprise present from Anne who's better known as Raisie Bay and Jayne at Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs. When I started blogging I never imagined that I would make fantastic friends but here we are. I am also waiting for a package from another blogger, Chez Maximka. I won her amazing 12 days of chocolate giveaway which came as a huge surprise as there was so many entries.

I will still be writing a Word of the Week post next week but I will take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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  1. You have to love nice surprises. I've had a difficult week but the weekend starts here (The Little Man is about to come home from school) and next week is going to be so much more relaxed. Thank you for you present too. Bloggers are the best x

  2. Lots of lovely surprises! Big well done to Ellie, and totally deserved too to be chosen. Hope the new hearing aids work well.
    I was pleased to see your name picked by Eddie from the hat. Hope the parcel arrives soon, and you'll enjoy all the chocs.

  3. Lovely surprises for your week. Always nice to finish the wrapping and be done with it. Well done to Ellie on doing so well at school and being picked to receive Christmas treats - what a lovely thing for the school to do. Glad all went well at her hearing appointment too. Well done to you too on winning the 12 days of chocolate giveaway x #WotW

  4. So many lovely surprises. Well done you and Ellie. The school is so good to recognise the effort she's putting in. It should be interesting for Ellie to find out what is going on with her hearing too. Hope you have a lovely run up to Christmas. #wotw

  5. My son had to have an MRI last year for a ringing in his ear that has persisted and it was really interesting to see it all done and hear the results. Hopefully the hearing aids will work for her. How wonderful to get such a surprise from the school!

  6. I love reading your posts and this one is nice too, with so many surprises. Well done to your daughter and I hope the hearing aid is sorted soon.
    Merry Christmas to you too.

  7. Aw, thank you for your lovely pressie too, I'm so happy to have found you through blogging.
    Well done Ellie for all of her hard work at school. She totally deserves to be chosen. Fab news about her hearing aid too. Enjoy the run up to Christmas matey. xxx