Saturday 11 December 2021

Week 49 of #Project365. 4th - 10th December. A photo every day for a year!

 I have been in such a grump all week. I think it's because the weather has been rubbish and I've got everything done for Christmas that I can do and now I'm just waiting. Yesterday the sun was shining and I had a walk out and I felt much better, it being the weekend really helped too. I am feeling much more positive about things and I am very excited for the next few weeks.

Now for a photo every day!

Putting a new fence up
A new chapter of Fortnite
Leftover pulled pork & a win on Fortnite
Ugh! Boris
Wrapping presents and new Covid tests

338/365 - 4th December
We took the old fence down on our side and Stu put a new one up. You can see the first panel going up. The height was to mainly to block next doors security light coming on every time we open the back door.

339/365 - 5th December
A new chapter of Fornite started. I love starting from scratch again and I am loving the new map even though I generally don't have a clue where anything is.

340/365 - 6th December
Leftover pulled pork for lunch.

341/365 - 7th December
My first win of the new chapter on Fortnite and it has been the first of many. I am finding it so much easier to get a Victory Royale and have probably won more in the last week than I have over the last 6 months. lol

342/365 - 8th December
Boris and the government has left me so angry this week. It was good to see him get asked all the hard questions on Prime Minister's Questions. 

343/365 - 9th December
Wrapping more presents and sorting out the kids stockings. I wasn't sure they had enough stocking fillers but it turns out there was more than enough.

344/365 - 10th December
Ellie came home with more lateral flow tests from school. These are new one's to us and now each test is individually packaged.

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  1. I have two stockings that are still completely empty-- my husband and oldest son have just left me baffled this year... but other than that I am all done and ready. I'm hoping to wrangle my husband into a night shopping this weekend and just let him pick them all out.

  2. I think I've gone a bit overboard with stocking fillers - I'm not sure many of them will actually fit in either. Oops

  3. I think we might have those new tests too with what he's brought home this week, not finished our last box yet though. That man just needs to resign but who on earth would we end up with then? #365

  4. I need to sort out the kids' stocking fillers - I think we have enough though! The government makes me angry too - it really does feel like they just ignore all the rules and get away with it. That leftover pulled pork looks very yummy. #project365

  5. My son came home with one of the new LFT and I like them much more. The news has been so dreary combined with grey skies so I'm not surprised you've had a low mood. #project365

  6. We have 3 different designs of LFT in our house... the latest box clearly states Not For Resale, which is a new one!
    I totally thought I hadn't sourced enough presents however wrapping this week proved I had. I have a tendency to hide presents all over so easily forget what I have bought! Pulled pork for the win! ;) Sim x

  7. I am also in a grump but I think that is more because the kids have now broken up for Christmas and I haven't! I am not sure I have enough for stocking fillers either and panic buying .. hoping to sit down tonight to wrap them. I am totally over the whole pandemic fed up of hearing about how its one rule for us and another for them. My worry is that we haven't heard the end of it yet.

  8. Bless you sorry to hear you have been feeling grumpy, I find fresh air does work wonders too! Neighbours security lights can be annoying can't they! We had to get some thick blackout curtains to block our neightbours one, it was like a beacon haha! Oooh I love pulled pork, save me some!

  9. The fence is looking good. I'm not doing stockings this year other than for the cat and dog of course

  10. My kids are loving the new chapter on Fortnite - they had to stay up to watch the end of the old one first