Tuesday 28 December 2021

The perfect leftover Christmas sandwich!

I love Christmas dinner. It is probably my favourite meal of the year but what comes a close 2nd and 3rd is the Christmas dinner leftovers plated up and reheated as a second dinner and the Christmas sandwiches that we always have. We're a few days after Christmas now and we're at the point where we're eating the last of the leftovers and we're full of Christmas food but we can't stop eating.

Slices of white bread

When I came up with writing this blog post about the perfect leftover Christmas sandwich all I could think about was Ross' Sandwich, from that Friends episode The One with Ross's Sandwich. “You-you-you... You threw my sandwich away... My sandwich? My sandwich?!!” lol

Technically Ross's sandwich wasn't a Christmas sandwich, it was a Thanksgiving sandwich but it still had turkey, stuffing, gravy and most famously a slice of gravy soaked bread in the middle, also knows as the the Moist Maker. lol

My perfect leftover Christmas sandwich is pretty similar to Ross's.

Usually we have medium sliced bread but for a Christmas sandwich thick slices have to be used. There has to be turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce included, those are just the basics. When we have made our Christmas sandwiches in the past the kids have added pigs in blankets, cheese and sometimes even bacon.

The inners of the sandwich has to be soaked in gravy and I have found it tastes so good if the stuffing and turkey are heated.

When Stu makes his Christmas sandwiches he will add an extra slice of bread in the middle like Ross's moist maker. He will have turkey in one half and then pork and apple sauce in the other side. It's so much to eat but he always manages to eat it. I suppose if you can't stuff yourself at Christmas when can you? lol

Do you have a Christmas leftover sandwich?

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  1. I have never made a leftover sandwich using anything other than the turkey but I know exactly what episode of Friends you are talking about! I thought it did sound pretty good but still have never thought of making a sandwich out of them.