Tuesday 21 December 2021

The best things about winter.

Happy first day of winter although it has felt like it for a couple of months. I always complain about the weather, being cold, about being grumpy when there is no sun, the dark nights and having to wear coats but as much as I complain there are a lot of things to love about this season.

Cosy winter

When I get up on a morning and make myself a coffee I always open the back door to see how cold it really is and as much as I hate the cold I do like the crisp fresh air in the morning and looking out across the fields when it is a frosty morning. It really is beautiful. This time of year there is the excitement that snow could fall. We've already had some over the last month or so but not any that lasted longer than an hour or so. I want fluffy, deep snow that we can build snowmen with and the kids want the snow to come in January so they can have a day off school and college for a snow day!

Winter fashion is the best. Boots, thick jumpers, fluffy socks, woolly hats and scarves are they best types of clothes. At home instead of wearing leggings and t-shirts I wear fleecy pj's. I would love to wear them for bed but I get too warm during the night so they are my daywear especially if the weather outside is bad.

The best thing about winter is that Christmas happens! As much as I moan about having to organise everything I do love it even wrapping all of the Christmas presents. Going for a walk on an evening and seeing all the twinkly lights feels so magical and coming back home when we have the heating on feels so good. There's gingerbread houses, candy canes, selection boxes, Christmas movies and songs and my favourite meal of the year, Christmas dinner!!

There is something nice about shutting the curtains at about 4pm because it's dark outside. I do love the dark nights and getting the house all cosy. The kids hate my winter scented candles but I do love burning them, the Christmassy the better. I love having hot bubble baths, snuggling under my blanket with a hot water bottle. I am one of those people who won't put the heating on if I am the only one at home.

Winter is the best time for comfort food. My slow cooker gets used a lot making casseroles and stews. The kids love coming in from school and college and having a hearty, warming meals. We always love to have warm puddings too. Cake, apple pie, something and custard. I must go through about 6 tins a week and when our tea has settled we do love to have a hot chocolate to drink. Wintry hot drinks are the best hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and I am very fond of gingerbread lattes.

What do you love about winter?


  1. I love how the snow looks and I enjoy snowshoeing.

  2. Oh yes, I have to agree with all of this :)

  3. I like the feeling of getting home after a long day and closing the curtains and getting cosy. Merry Christmas X#mmbc