Tuesday 7 December 2021

What my girls are not getting for Christmas 2021.

A few years ago I wrote what my girls were not getting for Christmas it was a list full of overpriced toys, trainers, clothes and an iPhone. They have grown up a lot now and their tastes have changed so there are a lot less toys and thank goodness Becky realised Apple products are not all that. lol 

My girls are nosy so and so's and take interest in my blog at this time of year, reading to get hints about what they are getting for Christmas but I am not silly, everything I write about which they are getting they know about. hehehe

Christmas presents

To be honest this year has been hard to buy for my girls as they haven't really asked for much or have bought what they want themselves. Hmmf.

Ellie did say she wanted a new mobile phone as the camera on hers isn't that great but she also said she wanted a camera too. She is doing photography for one of her GCSE's at school so a camera of some sort is needed and it would be useful. It was a hard choice to make, new phone or camera. There is nothing wrong with her phone apart from the camera so it would be silly to buy a new phone when I could get a camera for half of the price. 

I was going to buy Becky some new trainers but with her first pay from work she bought some for herself. I was also going to buy her a new coat but the one she has her heart set on is around £100 which I think is stupid to pay when a very similar one is in Primark for about £35. I have said I will give her some money towards it but I won't be paying silly money for it which she has accepted.

Becky spotted a gorgeous ring on the Pandora website, the Disney Beauty and the Beast rose ring and I had thought about buying it for her but her girlfriend has got in there first. Hmmf. I have had to have a lot of discussions with "A", Becky's girlfriend so we don't double up on presents. She has sent me links to things that she was going to buy and I have had to say sorry but I've already got it. Oops.

Ellie is into a lot of different anime tv shows and a lot of her Christmas presents are to do with those but she has sent me links to various things which she won't be getting. There were quite a few hoodies off Amazon which didn't have great reviews and a backpack for £60 which I think was so overpriced. Ellie also sent me links to various websites which deliver to the UK but the delivery costs a small fortune, usually more than the item she wanted off that particular website.

Monopoly sets are the latest thing that Becky is into collecting and she gave me a list of about 15 different one's that she wanted. I think she might have been expecting quite a few but I have got her one and her girlfriend has. She already has about 4 different sets and I don't know where she is planning to put them if she gets many more, her bedroom isn't the biggest.

Despite not getting all of these things I don't think my girls will be disappointed on Christmas day as they are still getting a lot of things that they have asked for.

Is there anything on your children's Christmas list that they want but won't be getting?


  1. oh Kim, only you could come up with a post about the things your kid's won't be getting! I have had similar with my kid's But Star has had a tablet and Boo a phone, they've also had the expensive stuff imported from the US, Star a plushie and Boo a Hoodie, the postage was almost as much as the gifts. But I bought them ages ago (I think about August) Other than that it's pyjamas and chocolate. The Little Man was difficult as he couldn't decide, so I gave him the Smyth's catalogue and he ended up with a huge list...he won't be getting most of it but he understands that I will choose what I can get him from the list. Just food and chocolate for me to buy now.....I might buy myself something ;) xx

  2. Not this year; they haven't really asked for much and what they did ask for was quite reasonable. I actually bought them a few extra things that I hope they'll like/need. I do remember Christmas past getting ridiculous lists that just made me laugh as I assured them there was no way they were getting their own Xbox or a new phone just because.

  3. There are so many Monopoly sets now, it's unbelieveable how many they come up with! #MMBC