Saturday 4 December 2021

Week 48 of #Project365. 27th Nov - 3rd Dec. A photo every day for a year!

 What a week. The storm, snow, advent calendars, wrapping presents, more snow and shopping from Amazon. I am starting to get more excited about Christmas. Now we're into December it doesn't seem that long away and two weeks yesterday the kids break up from school. I am feeling pretty organised and I don't think I have that much to do apart from write out some Christmas cards. We received our first one yesterday. 

Now for a photo every day! 

Fence panels down
Christmas tree and chocolate pizza
Mini Haribo and Thanos
It's snowing!
Fortnite advent calendar

331/365 - 27th November
Our new fence didn't do too well in the storm, two of the panels came down and blew into next doors garden. Thankfully there was no damage done and during the week Stu put them back up making sure they were super secure. It really was a good test.

332/365 - 28th November
We put the tree and decorations up on Sunday. Another year where our tree still looks wonky no matter what we do with it. lol With all of the lights on it looks so cosy in here.

333/365 - 29th November
We have some leftover pizza dough leftover from the weekend which needed using up so I made a chocolate pizza. Chocolate spread, bananas, marshmallows and chocolate buttons. It was amazing.

334/365 - 30th November
Mini Haribo which is so cute! It came out of my advent calendar.

335/365 - 1st December
I had Avengers: Infinity War on the TV to help me along while wrapping Becky's presents. When I do Ellie's I will watch End Game. They are just the right length of films to get all the wrapping done.

336/365 - 2nd December
I woke up to this! I had looked at the weather forecast the night before and there was no mention of snow but there it was. I did settle but didn't actually last for long. It was gone by mid afternoon in the front street and lasted a little longer in the back garden.

337/365 - 3rd December
Someone of Twitter mentioned to me how the Fortnite Funko advent calendar was on sale on Amazon for nearly half price so I bought us one to share which I am regretting already as the girls are already arguing over it.

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  1. Aw, Christmas is coming!!!! I'm so excited hehe. Your tree looks really pretty.
    So glad you got to fix the fence, those winds were unreal!
    Your Fortnite calendar was a bargain, they are quite expensive otherwise. We will be playing Fortnite today. I wonder what chapter 3 brings! x

  2. Nice to see everyone's trees going up. Ours will go up next weekend I hope. Ours was the same with snow - not really expected, and late forecast.

  3. Your tree looks lovely! That pizza looks yummy and I can not believe you got a bit of snow already.

  4. You had much more snow than we did. Thankfully, the storm hasn't affected us. Lovely to see your Christmas tree. I thought I'd put up ours this weekend, but haven't had a chance. Fingers crossed, we can do it during the week. Your pizza sounds great, I imagine it would be a big hit with my guys.

  5. Glad you were able to fix the fence!

    As much as I love chocolate I am not sure I could handle that pizza!

    We had no snow at all

  6. I didn't know that there was a Fortnite Funko advent calendar - don't tell Sebby. He has the Among Us one and Isaac has the Funko Jack Skellington and Eliza the Harry Potter ones. Do you fancy wrapping my presents, it's my least favourite job

  7. The tree looks lovely, even if you think it's a bit wonky. Think of it as having 'character'. :)
    A shame about the fence, but it's good that is not put in place and looks sturdy. Hopefully it will remain like that and luckily nothing else got damaged. Love the chocolate pizza, I should try it.

  8. Glad there was no damage with the fence coming down and hope that it manages to stay up now. Love your tree – we still have to put ours up! That chocolate pizza looks yummy. Lovely to get some snow – you had a bit more than we did. #project365

  9. Sorry that the fence hasn't been enjoying the recent weather. Love the tree, it feels a little strange not having one up here this year. #365

  10. Love the fullness of the decorations on the Christmas tree. I've seen lots of advent calendars reduced in price. I ended up with 3 for myself as I over bought, but only 99p ones. Look at all that snow, we've not had any yet

  11. Oh the snow!! I am so jealous. Really hoping we get some this year it always seems to miss us. Good news that there was no damage to the fence and that you are all organised for Christmas. We are getting there too which is unheard of. I also wrap presents in front of films.

  12. I love what you did with your leftover pizza dough, looked so tempting! Sorry to hear about your fence panels, glad it was only two though. I think my boys would have liked that Fortnite Funko advent calendar, they seem to have got back into playing Fortnite again.

  13. Very jealous of your snow! The storm was quite scary but our fence survived. Wrapping presents already?! Not me! #project365