Friday 3 December 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Safe! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is: 


This week has all been about feeling safe and staying safe.

What a storm we had over the weekend. Our new fence was tested and it failed the strong wind test and 2 panels came down. They didn't cause any damage and it gave Stu chance to strengthen them during the week and put them back up. I think it's safe to say they won't be going anywhere anytime soon no matter how much wind we get. 

As the weather wasn't great last Friday we didn't bother going for a look around the local auction and I am so glad we didn't. The auction went ahead as normal on Saturday morning and within a couple of hours it was closed due to someone who works there getting a positive Covid test. The person was at home, isolating but as it's a family run business they had to shut down to try and keep everyone safe. 5 from the auction now have positive tests. My dad has been testing himself all week as he had been in contact with them but I think he is safe, he is feeling fine and all of his results are negative.

So we're back to wearing masks, I don't think that rule should have been scrapped in the first place and a lot of people I know think the same. If we can do something to keep us safe we should. We won't be going anywhere before Christmas, well apart from parents evening next week if that goes ahead. I did get a message from school yesterday saying it's still happening, masks have to be worn and lateral flow tests have to be done before we go which is fair enough. We've never had a proper parents evening for Ellie since we moved here. Year 8's was supposed to happen just as we went into lockdown, year 9 was a write off and here we are in year 10. I am dying to meet her teachers as I have heard them on Zoom when Ellie was doing online lessons and that's it.

I have told Becky she needs to rein it in a bit with all the socialising that she is doing. It's great that she's getting out and seeing people but at the moment it doesn't feel safe especially since this week she has had a cold. She gave her self a scare when she started with it on Monday after a weekend of being out and about. It hasn't been a bad one, just a snotty nose and sneezing and she has tested plenty with negative results and is just about over it now. Phew!

I have had an afternoon wrapping Christmas presents and Becky's are all done and are back in the wardrobe safe from prying eyes, she is the worst for trying to take a look. I still have Ellie's to do and a couple more presents waiting to be delivered so I am not finished yet but I am getting there.

I hope you are all staying safe and have had a good week!

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  1. Glad that you are staying safe! Covid is running wild through my daughter's school at the moment with lots of cases in her class, we are testing every day and so far so good! But it doesn't seem to have hit the secondary school as badly, perhaps because many of them have been vaccinated now. There is just so much of it about at the minute, I just hope that other people are being as diligent about testing as we are!

  2. Yes, if only every one was concerned with staying safe! I try to avoid crowded places, even half an hour in a crowd outside last week made me nervous, but I had my mask keeps me warm :) My kids don't socialise much out of school, Star has her boyfriend over sometimes but he stays safe (I think he knows Star is vulnerable as well as me.) I'm glad your Dad was okay, I guess he's built up more immunity with catching it before and vaccinations. Keep safe and well done on the wrapping...I must get some done this weekend and maybe even put up the tree. xx

  3. We really do have to do our best to keep safe. Leisa and I were saying just how careful we are when we go out (which is rare) but we are wondering if our young ones are just as vigilant. Maybe, fingers crossed. I'm with you on the mask situation. It's the least we can do. Have a great week ahead and stay safe.

  4. Staying safe is the best way. We've continued to wear masks when we are out and about. It's just the norm for us now.
    Glad that Becky and your dad are both OK, the last thing your dad needs is getting that all over again, bless him. xx

  5. Glad you are staying safe and your fence is hopefully now storm-proof. It was a good thing you didn't go to the auction last week. Glad your dad is okay. Hope everyone recovers soon. I'm with you on the mask wearing situation - to be honest, it's not changed anything for me as I never stopped wearing one when shopping or on public transport. Hope all goes well with Ellie's parents' evening. #WotW

  6. I completely feel you about mask-wearing and also about Becky's socializing. So glad both Becky and your Dad so far are negative for COVID. Fingers crossed parents' evening will go forward indeed.