Thursday 16 December 2021

The 25 biggest stresses of Christmas!

I love Christmas but it does stress me out. I do all of the present buying, wrapping the presents, arranging what we're doing over Christmas, the big food shop and of course cooking the Christmas dinner. Stu offers to help but I am such a control freak when it comes to Christmas, I won't let him. I know I bring all the stress on myself but that's just part of Christmas. lol

Exchanging presents

I am done with the stress of buying the perfect Christmas presents for people. I've bought presents, they might not be the most expensive or fancy but they are what they have said they have wanted over the past year and I am sure they will be happy with them. The hardest person to please is my dad. He has said again that he doesn't want me to spend any money on him and I haven't, much. He is getting things that I have reviewed over the past year and a Christmas cake that I have bought.

It's all worth it though, by 6pm on Christmas Eve I will be sat here with a glass of something thinking I have done a good job, everyone is happy and it was the best Christmas ever!

The 25 biggest stresses of Christmas are:

1. .Buying presents.
2. The amount of money that is spent on presents.
3. Pleasing everyone.
4. Doing the big food shop.
5. Having enough money to last you through December.
6. Wrapping presents.
7. Putting on weight.
8. Running out of time to do everything.
9. Cooking the dinner in general.
10. Saving enough money throughout the year to afford it all.
11. Getting timings of the Christmas dinner right.
12. Visiting family.
13. Hosting Christmas Day.
14. Juggling Christmas preparations with work.
15. Shops running out of food and drink.
16. Untangling the Christmas lights.
17. Putting up decorations.
18. Where to have Christmas dinner.
19. Keeping presents hidden from loved ones.
20. Making sure there is enough food for everyone.
21. Having to attend lots of social events.
22. Spending time with the in-laws.
23. The lack of exercise you do.
24. Remembering to send cards to loved ones.
25. Finding a place to hide presents.

I think the biggest stress of Christmas this year will be Becky and her girlfriend. When they don't see each other during the day in person they video chat and that is going to be awkward on Christmas day. Becky finished her night shift at 8am and will be opening presents with us and then going to bed. We will eat at about 4pm and then I want to spend a couple of hours together at least. She will want to spend this time video chatting before the good TV starts. I predict arguments. Eek!

What are your biggest stresses over the festive season?


  1. I don't think I can even mention my stresses, but this is a list I understand. I hope you can organise some time for Becky and her girlfriend which doesn't disrupt your day's plans. xx

  2. Our biggest stresses is trying to juggle all the different families and squeezing in time to see them all. I too do it all but my husband has never once offered to help in any way.

  3. It's such a stressful time isn't it! I get stressed about all the things that have to be done for school as everything falls in the same week, although for the last couple of years things have been much quieter of course. I also stress about spending the right amount of time with each part of the family!