Thursday 30 December 2021

(Ad - Gifted) 12 months of trying things, my favourite 12!

I feel very lucky that I am sent things to try out and review here on my blog. Some things are totally new to me and other things are things that I have seen but either didn't have the money to spend on these things or hadn't even thought about buying.

Over the past year I have tried out some fantastic products, some of which I have continued to go on and buy and some which I don't want to be dramatic about but they've changed my life.

Here are some of my favourite products which I have tried out and written about here on my blog.

Home baked bread

This box was a life changer. I am not going to lie and say I bake bread every day but I do at least a few times a month now because I know how easy it is. This baking box encouraged me to get in the kitchen and bake bread.

Beautiful Affirmation Cards from Natalie Trice

I gave these cards to Ellie when I had taken some photos, well Ellie claimed them and she still has them in her bedroom and she does look at them. She will randomly come downstairs and say something that she she has read on the cards. They are full of positivity and are so pretty too.

Love Corn

LOVE CORN the crunchy savoury snack made from roasted corn kernels has become a firm favourite in our house. The kids snack on them, take them to school and college and even Stu who usually hates things like this has been loving them. We get them to snack on, on a Saturday night now and again along with a couple of drinks.

Working out at home using the The Leg Master!

I started using this and I did great on it but then it got to the point where I felt it wasn't doing much but at the same time it gave the boost, motivation and confidence to get off my backside and exercise more. I am not exercising daily, well I was until Christmas hit, I'm on a break at the moment but will get back to it in January.

A Personalised Confetti Balloon from Bubblegum Balloons!

I reviewed this knowing it was my dad's partners birthday and got it her as a gift and she loved it. It made a great alternative to flowers and lasted way longer too! When reviewing it said it would last at least 5 days if stored correctly and this excelled it's self. It lasted almost a month! Sarah went on to buy one for her sisters birthday and she loved it too.

A self-guided treasure hunt for all ages from Treasure Trails!

We did the Treasure Trail in Scunthorpe and we had a great time discovering the town that we now live in. It was a great way to get my girls away from their electronics and out of the house. Becky and her girlfriend have since used it and they went on the Treasure Trail too with the girlfriend guessing the answers to the clues.

The Tony Hawk SS 540 Wasteland Complete Skateboard!

Ellie is now a skater girl thanks to the skateboard we tried out. She has gone from moving slowly on it to happily using it to go to shop and of course the skate park. I don't want to know what tricks she is doing at the skate park but all of her bones are still intact so I will take that as a win! She loved the skate board and uses it a few times a week, more than her scooter now.

The Four Arm Complete Feeding Station from Henry Bell!

The bird feeder is here to stay in our garden and at the moment with the weather not being great the birds are loving it and I am too. It is nice to look out to see what the birds are getting up to and all the different ones which appear in my garden. It has been up since mid July and has stood the test of all the storms, the only thing that brought it down was Stu leaning a fence panel on it. lol

Children’s snacks and treats from Fruit Bowl!

We love the snacks from Fruit Bowl and it is always a pleasure to feature them on my blog. My family love them and it is a good way to get fruit into them. They are brilliant for packed lunches and snacks.

Reusable sanitary pads from Trade To Aid!

These are another life changing product. I just wish I had more to use for the whole of my period. Having to spend on Christmas is so inconvenient. hehehe They are on my to buy list in January. They are so much more comfortable than plastic sanitary products and I feel like I am doing my bit to save our planet.


We had a great day out seeing all the fish at The Deep in Hull. As we paid once we can go back sometime over the next year, well 6 months or so as a few months has already passed. Due to us talking about it some friends visited too and said they had a fab time too.

An Acrylic Photo Block from ASDA Photo!

I have reviewed a few things from Asda Photo in the past but I think this is my favourite as I gave it to my dad for Christmas and he loved it so much. It really is something different and such a lovely gift.

I was sent most of these products free of charge in exchange for blog posts. This is just a recap of my favourite things that I have reviewed.


  1. Awesome list of products, like the mindfulness baking kit x

  2. Lovely Products Kim, we really are lucky to get to try these things in return for our opinion. x

  3. Aw, what a lovely round-up. I remember you reviewing all of these. I'd really like to try that Leg Master. x