Wednesday 28 July 2021

(Ad - Gifted) The Four Arm Complete Feeding Station from Henry Bell.

This time last year we started feeding the birds with a pre-filled bird feeder from Henry Bell. I have really enjoyed seeing the birds in the garden although at some points I thought I was feeding all of the birds in North Lincolnshire. They can be greedy things. Recently I was asked if we would like another bird feeder to try out from Henry Bell.

The Four Arm Complete Feeding Station from Henry Bell

Henry Bell is the family-owned, British animal feed producer. The Henry Bell Wild Bird Care range comprises over 140 products catering for every type of garden bird. Products are available nationwide in 400 garden centres and online (such as Blue Diamond Garden Centres and Dobbies Garden Centres), pet shops and retailers.

The Essentials Range Four Arm Complete Feeding Station includes everything you need to attract a range of birds to your garden. At 228cm height when assembled, with push button connections this makes a great contemporary feeding solution in cool grey and will look good in any garden. It includes four feeders on hooks, a seed tray and a water bath.

Bird feeding station

It was easy to put together, it was a bit like a jigsaw, everything has it's place and it is just a case of figuring out where the bits slot. I got Stu to help because he enjoys doing things like this and plus it gave me a chance to make a little video. hehehe It took about 10 minutes to put together and that included the time it took putting the pole together and then realising that it was easier to knock into the ground when it wasn't a 2m pole. lol.

As well as it being good for the birds it looks so pretty too. It is a great addition to my garden. When we were putting it up I could hear the birds tweeting and squawking. I am sure they were spreading the word. hehehe

Empty bird feeder

I used to think that birds only needed to be fed in the winter but I was wrong. They still need help in the summer months to ensure they have energy enough to survive leaner times ahead. Nesting parents will have to work twice as hard to feed their young while maintaining their own energy levels. We have a nest of young birds in the eaves of our roof, right above my bedroom. I know this because I have heard them squawking at silly o'clock in the morning.

We filled the bird feeders with the No Mess Mix which is a nourishing blend of seeds, sunflower hearts and suet that is rich in nutrients to best meet the dietary and health requirements of wild birds and the PeanutsPeanuts are a powerhouse of energy, very nutrient rich and are loved by a wide variety of birds. I also got some fat balls from a local pet food shop. 

Bird feeder full

As of writing this I keep peeking through the kitchen window to see if the birds are enjoying their feast! I am sure it won't be long before the bird feeders are empty.

Do you feed the birds?

I was sent the The Four Arm Complete Feeding Station from Henry Bell free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. That's a lovely bird feeder. I love how there's also a seed tray and water bath as well as the four feeders. Hope you get lots of birds visiting your garden as a result of it. #MMBC

  2. That's amazing, if we had one it would be full of birds all the time....sadly, it would also be a great place for our hunter cat to grab some birds too.

  3. How awesome and so lovely to see birds in your garden x.