Saturday 10 July 2021

Week 27 of #Project365. 3rd - 9th July. A photo every day for a year!

It's been a strange old week. Boris announced that facemasks and social distancing is going to be optional and just about all of the restrictions are getting scrapped. All of this was on the same day that Ellie was sent home from school to do remote learning because there were too many Covid cases in her school and it had to close for a week. It's madness, the restrictions being lifted, not the school being closed. People are being urged to use their common sense from the 19th of July. We have no hope. I am just glad that the summer holidays will be here soon and we can stay safe, away from people who aren't using their common sense.

Now for a photo every day.

New hair colour, reddish and a new flower in my garden
My youngest happy to be home from school.
A moody looking sky
Chinese fakeaway and a new flower in my garden
Watermelon soap

184/365 - 3rd July
A new hair colour. It was supposed to be pillar box red but I couldn't get all of the blue out so it made a new colour which matched my favourite pj's. I didn't plan it too. They were the first one's that I picked up. lol

185/365 - 4th July
A new flower growing in amongst my wildflowers.

186/365 - 5th July
Ellie was happy to be home early from school on Monday. She finished at lunch time and had the afternoon off lessons. She wasn't so happy Tuesday morning when she had online lessons to do.

187/365 - 6th July
A very moody looking sky. It was nice to see the blue sky peeping through though. We have had a lot of rain this past week. It's good for the garden I suppose.

188/365 - 7th July
A Chinese fakeaway. Chicken balls, egg fried rice, chicken chow mein and salt & pepper chips. I got it all from Iceland and it cost about £12 to feed us all, a lot cheaper than a real Chinese takeaway.

189/365 - 8th July
I spotted this in the garden. Another new flower but when I was putting the photos together for this post I realised it was the same flower as Sunday's photo just opened up! Amazing!

190/365 - 9th July
I was sent some eco-friendly bath products to try out and took the photos yesterday while the sun was shining.

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  1. That is NOT what I thought that flower was going to look like on the inside! What a neat variety.

  2. I love that hair colour on you. I feel the same as you - I don't think most of the British public can be trusted to use common sense. That fakeaway looks so good. I might have to see if I can find some keto chinese meals to try.

  3. That is a pretty flower! Loving the hair colour even though it wasn't what you expected!

    The eco friendly bath products sound good

  4. I love your new hair colour - it really suits you :o)


  5. Love those flowers, they self seed really well too. I'm dreading next week, and the idiots who think it will be time to burn their masks. Mine is going nowhere #365

  6. I’m with you on restrictions being relaxed although I feel a bit better now that the government have been a bit stronger on encouraging face coverings (don’t have a lot of faith in the common sense of the general public though!) I love your hair colour – it really suits you. That Chinese fakeaway looks amazing. So lovely to see new flowers in the garden. #project365

  7. Not happy about restrictions being lifted. People have no common sense (this week someone with covid was out walking their dog with their children, all of whom are supposed to be self isolating! no masks, arrrggghh!) #project365

  8. I love the new hair colour. Your wild flowers are so pretty I really wanted some at the end of the garden but never got round to sewing them What a saving on the fakeaway great idea. I think we will be carrying on with masks and social distancing come Monday especially with all the cases in the press!

  9. That flower is so pretty. I really like that hair colour. I think all our schools were closing before the summer holidays. I will have to take a look for that food in iceland #365