Thursday 15 July 2021

(Ad - Gifted) Eco-friendly bath products from Pepper's Homemade Soaps.

We all love a bit of pampering, I know I do. I don't think I could cope in life without having a soak in the bath. That is my go to place when I want to relax so when I was offered the chance to try out eco-friendly bath products I jumped at the chance. 

Pepper's Homemade Soaps products

Pepper's Homemade Soaps based in Leicestershire sells soaps, shampoo bars, and bath bombs and all of the items sold by Pepper's are homemade by Jade.

I was sent a selection of products to try out and I must say I am impressed.

Red Sea Bath Dust - £4.00

Red Sea Bath Dust

Bath dust is something a little different from using a bath bomb. I don't often use bath dust but I do like this one. It smells so good.

Watermelon Soap Bar - £4.00

Watermelon Soap Bar

This is a mouth watering scent, with a smell that's so sweet. The fragrance oil in this soap bar is sourced and manufactured right here in the UK.

I think this was my favourite product from what I was sent to try out. I hate the taste of watermelon but I do love the scent and the colours. It just screams summer to me.

Face Scrubbie - £1.50

Face Scrubbie

These washable and reusable face scrubbies are made from wool and by hand through crocheting. They can be used for washing your face or body and removing make-up. They are tough on make-up but not on your skin.

These are a great alternative to disposable face wipe and cotton pads. You can just throw them into warm water to wash and then you're ready to reuse again. Not only are you helping the environment but your also helping your wallet.

Coco Powder Bath Fizzer - £4.00

Coco Powder Bath Fizzer

This bath bomb will turn into a mystery colour in your bath. This is one of our more subtle fragrances and has a powdery type scent to it however is unlike baby powder yet has a similar “clean” aroma.

All of the products from Pepper's Homemade Soaps are not tested on animals and they also do not condone it either.

I think these are lovely products and are a great addition to any pampering session.

I was sent a selection of products from Pepper's Homemade Soaps free of charge in exchange for this blog post.


  1. What a lovely eco-friendly set. I love the face scrubbies, I'm always crocheting my own.
    I also love anything watermelon, so I know I would really like this soap too! x

  2. What a great selection. I love the sound of the watermelon soap!