Wednesday 14 July 2021

20 Signs that you live with a teenager!

Teenagers are strange creatures. I used to be one, obviously and can see much of myself in my girls. Now I understand why my parents were sometimes close to pulling their hair out. lol I love my girls to bits but sometimes they really do test my patience and have only got more testing as they hit their teenage years.

Life with teenagers is unpredictable, messy and exhausting but I wouldn't be without my two.

A box of eggs with eyes drawn on

Here are 20 Signs that you live with a teenager!

Your bathroom surfaces are crammed with more toiletries than a supermarket. Different body sprays, shampoos that are theirs and only they can use because the one you buy isn't good enough and bath bombs, hundreds of them.

You don't need Google anymore, teenagers know everything!

Your Netflix suggestions are unrecognizable and they watch it more than you.

Doors in your house are just about still hanging on their hinges from all the slamming.

They stay in bed until lunchtime and then moan all day about how tired they are. Then they will then stay up half the night texting their friends, scrolling through TikTok and playing Fortnite.

They can eat a five course meal and be hungry 20 minutes later.

When it comes to investigating what your teen is up to you can do better research than an FBI agent.

They steal your phone charger, makeup, hair products and skincare all of the time and deny it.

Your favourite boots or shoes are missing.

They use all of the plates, all of the time. Despite me having a rule of having no food upstairs they are always bringing plates and cups down.

Every. Light. Is. On.

When they tell you they “cleaned their room it really just means that they have shoved everything under their bed or hidden it in their wardrobe.

You are asked to watch some strange video on YouTube that you’re sure made you lose brain cells.

The talk in a different language using all of the "cool words" which you don't understand and when you ask them to explain the words they tell you it’s not worth explaining.

They’ll complain that there’s nothing to eat even when the fridge and cupboards are full!

Loaves of bread lasts 10 minutes, there are empty cartons of milk in the fridge, boxes of cereal in the cupboard with about 7 flakes left in the packet and empty toilet rolls left on the hanger.

You find yourself telling stories starting off with when I was your age.

You have got 2 large loads of washing to do everyday and there’s clothes everywhere but not the laundry baskets.

You find yourself shouting all of the time because they have their headphones in all of the time!

All of the above. But I wouldn’t change it for the world!


  1. Having teenage boys some of this doesn't apply to me but that sleeping late, complaining they are tired and then staying up-- yeah that describes two of mine and oh the groceries and food we go through!

  2. Yes to pretty much all of this! It amazes me how much they can eat and how untidy they can be. I'm also always being shown memes which I don't find remotely funny, but the kids think are hilarious.