Friday 30 July 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Chilled! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


We have eased ourselves gently into the summer holidays and have had quite a chilled week. It has been lovely just relaxing and not having to get up with the alarm clock. We have had lie ins each morning and we've not been up before 9am. It's been nice to have a chilled morning and eat breakfast together.

We went to the local auction on Saturday and I didn't get anything that I had planned to and instead bought a cross trainer for £15. It is harder work than it looks and on the first day that I used it I didn't last 10 minutes now I am just about hitting 10 minutes. I have been on it 4 times this week and I'd like to say I'm feeling better for it but I'm not there yet. I am still in the achy stage which I'm sure will pass soon. I will get fit!

We haven't done much with our week. Just pottered about the house and probably spent too much time on electronics. The kids have got along well so I wasn't going to push for them to do something different. It was the easy option but we have another 6 weeks to be busy.

We have spent a lot of time watching the birds thanks to the new bird feeder in the back garden. They are feasting well. There seemed to be a whole family of birds there one day until a couple of pigeons came and chased them away. Ellie wasn't having it, she chased the pigeons off saying they were too heavy to be swinging on the bird feeder. That's them told. lol

The weather hasn't been that great this week and has been quite chilled too. What a storm we had on Wednesday. I don't usually like storms but this was something else. There was one long continuous rumble of thunder, flashes of lightning and hailstones! Not quite the weather you expect at the end of July. Yesterday was chilly and we got the jumpers back out, it was windy too.

I have made a start on the back to school shopping so far I've ordered a school bag and socks for Ellie and we're going into town to get Ellie's blazer and tie today from the uniform shop. I want to get it ordered in case it sells out and we have to wait for it to be delivered. 

Last summer the school introduced a new uniform, a blazer, shirt and tie along with trousers or a skirt which the new starters have to wear and for the rest of the school it was optional. We were just going to keep Ellie in the old uniform of the polo shirt and cardigan but she's grown out of what we have and it works out cheaper to buy a blazer and a couple of ties, a spare in case we lose one rather than the cardigans and polo shirts. A lot of Ellie's friends have the blazer, I think their parents bought it when they grew out of the old uniform. I will be buying the blazer big so it lasts 2 years. Fingers crossed that it does and that she doesn't lose it.

I hope you have all had a good week?

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  1. Matthew's school have introduced a new uniform for September which is frustrating as he is going into year 11 and won't even get a whole year out of it. Luckily because he is going to be a prefect the school will provide a blazer so some money saved there. In the past I have bought a blazer that is bigger than he needs so he could get a couple of years wear out of it as well.

  2. I think that we have exactly the opposite words this week, lol! My Little Man gets most of his uniform for free this year, it's something the school does for ALL year 7s which is lovely. We have to buy him trousers and shirts. I think Boo will be ok with the collection of clothes we have already which have barely been worn and she hasn't grown (plus she has Star's uniform to get through as well!) xx

  3. Sometimes a chilled week is just what you need. Thankfully our kids school don't require blazers. Though I think Madam needs new trousers.

  4. Two ties is really good idea. I bought in a spare one after a PE changing room mix up. Hasn't needed it since, of course. They changed our uniform a few years ago and they did talk about blazers but it wasn't popular. It did mean that all the uniform I'd saved from my eldest couldn't be passed on to the younger two. I'm envious of your trainer. I'd love to get an exercise machine. I'm running practically every day, but it would be nice to do something inside. #wotw

  5. We have been buying up uniform pieces over here too; Alec's school requires 3 different ones- a uniform for academic days of a polo, a gym uniform, and then his culinary uniform for shop days. All the stuff I bought last year is already too small! I'm hoping this year's uniform will last a couple years now that most of his growth spurts should be over.

  6. Chilled is such a lovely word for the week and it sounds like you've had a lovely start to the holidays. I'm with Ellie on chasing pigeons away in favour of smaller birds on the bird feeder. Good luck with getting used to using the cross-trainer and getting fit. Good idea to buy Ellie's blazer bigger so it lasts longer. I've done the same with Sophie's junior school uniform. #WotW

  7. Chilled week, indeed! BTW, if you've had a week off school already, how do you still have 6 more? Lol. Is it 7 weeks where you are?
    I like the sound of the blazer. It looks so smart to me. When we just came to England, boys and girls used to have their trousers waist almost to the crack in their bums and in some lessons we used to see some really unsightly stuff! So when the school introduced blazers, us teachers were really happy for the coverup.
    Glad everyone is getting along so far. Chilled isn't a bad way to start the holidays. Have fun shopping and we look forward to seeing how you get on next week.

  8. What a lovely start to the holidays. I really need some chill time! What a great price for a cross trainer. We brought a folding running machine in the hope to get fitter and loose some inches. My mum has the same issues with pigeons and her feeders. Well done to Ellie for putting them in their place lol #WotW