Friday 9 July 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Home! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


What a week!

Ellie went off to school on Monday as normal and at lunchtime we got a message from school saying they had decided to move to home learning from Tuesday and the school will be closed until next week due to so many Covid cases. There has been lots in each year group and out of about 500 and something kids over 260 were already isolating. Ellie said there was 2 people in here class off with Covid and the other class in her year had one person in out of about 28. The school gave us the option of seeing the school day out or picking our kids up there and then. They said to ring to arrange collection, I tried to ring but I am guessing every other parent did too as I couldn't get through, thankfully the school is only 10 minutes away so I had a walk there to get her. The kids were already making their way out.

So it's back to home learning. Ugh! I haven't missed it at all and the school seem to have gone all out this time, doing zoom lessons for every lesson apart from PE. When we were home learning before we didn't have RE and Performing Arts, this time we do. We missed the performing arts lesson yesterday as we didn't think they would have a lesson and went for a walk. It was only when we got home we saw the email. Oops. Ellie has been stuck in front of the laptop for 5 hours each day since Tuesday and it's the first time it hasn't been raining and she's had free time to get outside. If they say anything I will say it was needed for our sanity! 

Our strimmer for our garden broke a few weeks ago and we had meant to buy one sooner but kept forgetting and I am glad we did. I went onto the Argos website during the week and saw one of the strimmer's we wanted was reduced from £30 to £24. We had to get it for that price. I also bought a few other bits for our home. A bin and new look brush holder for the bathroom, some towels and a kitchen storage set including a bread bin, biscuit tin and tea, coffee, sugar tins. Now if it would just stop raining we could try the strimmer out.

Footballs coming home or it could be on Sunday! We're in the final of the European Football Championship. Hooray! I am sure we were all sat on the edge of our seats on Wednesday evening, I know I was. As much as I was pleased for England to go through I was gutted for Denmark, they have had a tough few weeks. So now all that's left between us and victory is Italy. Eek! Wouldn't it be amazing if we won! If we do I think we should have a bank holiday on Monday. hehehe

I hope you have all had a good week!

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  1. As you know I have a daughter self-isolating too, but she was supposed to return today and her anxiety go the better of her and she started throwing up. She's now back in bed. At least there is no online learning to do. I just hope she makes it back on Tuesday. They were supposed to be doing their Duke of Edinburgh award next week and walking to a camp site, camping overnight and coming home the next day. Its now been cancelled because of all the Covid cases in the school. Oh my, I'll be glad when school is over this year. I'm so excited and terrified in equal amounts for the match on Sunday! You seem to grab all the bargains! xx

  2. I hated how many hours a day my son had to sit on the computer to log in for each class when he was home learning. I would make him get out for hikes/ walks whenever I could. They even had PE online! Funny enough we hardly ever had any cases of Covid in our school but they would go by cases in our general region.

  3. Lovely post again this week. I'm nosy so it's interesting to see what everyone has been up to each week. I think schools should just call it a day now, until September. For sure the numbers are going to keep going up. Anyway, it's coming home, it's coming home.

  4. Sorry to hear that Ellie's having to self-isolate. Home learning is hard work isn't it? Glad getting out for a walk helped. That was a bargain with the strimmer. I'm excited about England being in the final too, but yes a little gutted for Denmark given what they've been through in the Euros and I did really feel for Kjaer with that own goal. It would be amazing if England won though, wouldn't it? #WotW

  5. Madam has been at home too, they go back on Monday. Next Friday can't come quick enough! Karen Early Rising Mum

  6. I think everyone will be glad once they scrap the school bubbles. It is usually so unnecessary for most people to self isolate. My son has been fortunate that he has not be sent home once since they have been back but I do know of others who have been sent home 3 or 4 times and they have been perfectly well. Hope Ellie copes with it and at least it is only for a few more weeks.

  7. I can't believe how many of Ellie's school are out. I'm not surprised they chose to close. They sound like they are more organised this time. I think the walk was a good idea. Online can be more intensive. Nice bargains. Our grass is growing and I'm looking forward to getting some of it short this week. #wotw

  8. It sounds like we had our children off at home at the same time. What a nightmare the end of the school year was for bubbles bursting. Thankfully they weren't too hot with our sons home learning. I refused to do the home learning set for Little E on the last 3 days of school #WotW