Sunday 19 December 2021

The wrapping is done. #MySundaySnapshot

All of the presents are wrapped now. The girls have even finished wrapping theirs which they of course they made into such a drama.

Becky seems to have been wrapping her presents for weeks but finally got them finished this week. She did make me laugh. She now gets how hard it is buying everyone presents, waiting for them to be delivered and then wrapping them and then realising that you've forgotten someone and have to go through the whole process again. She asked if she has to do this every year? Yep. lol

Ellie wrapped 3 presents for her friends and it took her about an hour and a half. lol She said when she grows up she will pay someone to do her Christmas wrapping.

Eldest wrapping presents
Youngest wrapping presents

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  1. You are lucky your girls wrap at all. My Eldest son got me to wrap his presents, Boo didn't bother to wrap her friends presents, and neither did they, and Star is waiting for me to wrap her present for her boyfriend, but I'm going to help her do it. My eldest daughter loves to wrap so I'm going to get her to help me do some wrapping tonight, if she's in the mood. xx

  2. We just finished up our wrapping last night too!

  3. Wrapping can be a lot of work - I love her question about doing it every year - funny! #MMBC

  4. All very organised! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

  5. I used to love wrapping presents, but it IS a lot of work. Becky's question about doing it every year made me smile and Ellie is a smart girl for thinking ahead about paying someone to wrap the presents :D


  6. Lovely family pics here Kim. Could be my living room floor with the tree and wrapping paper everywhere!

  7. My husband and I spent four hours wrapping presents the other night - it's a tough job! Thanks so much for sharing and for linking up with #MySundaySnapshot. Have a great Christmas and a great new year!

  8. Bless them! I feel their pain with the wrapping.
    I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. x