Tuesday 14 September 2021

Visiting The Deep in Hull.

Even before we moved to Scunthorpe we made plans to visit The Deep, one of the UK's most spectacular aquariums. By the time we had settled in here and were ready to have some days out the pandemic hit and everything stopped so now things have opened back up we were keen to visit and did during the summer holidays.

Outside of The Deep

Open since 2002, The Deep operates as an education and conservation charity and in recent years has become an international player in marine conservation. Located in Hull, East Yorkshire about a 20 minute walk from the bus/train station it is easy to find with all of the signs and it was a nice walk there through the marina.

We booked our tickets online before visiting and paid. They are encouraging booking online so the aquarium does not become too crowded.


Adult - £16.50
Child aged 3 to 15 - £13.00
Children under 3 - Free
Student in full time education, valid NUS, University card or proof of age is required for school and Sixth form students - £15.50
Senior 60+ - £15.50
Carer when supporting a service user on a 1:1 basis.

All tickets include free return visits for 12 months when you buy a ticket which I think is fantastic. This was set up when we showed the email confirmation and we just have to book with our reference code.

We arrived a little too early for our time slot but there was plenty of places to sit with a view over the Humber estuary.

Waiting to go into The Deep

We didn't really have to queue to get in, there was just a steady stream of people but there was plenty of space between us.

When you enter you can either take the stairs or use the lifts which there was quite a queue for. It is accessible for everyone. There is a one way system around the aquarium which means there is no getting lost and everyone moves at a steady pace.

The Deep is home to a whole host of fish, sharks, turtles, penguins, frogs, the UK's only Green sawfish and many more creatures. Travelling from oceans past and into the future. From the shallow tropical lagoons to the darkest depths of the coldest oceans, marvel at the incredible diversity of life beneath the waves. The Deep aims to create a deeper understanding and enjoyment of the ocean through stunning marine life, interactive displays and presentations.

Interactive displays in The Deep

There are so many signs, information points and interactive exhibits around the deep. The history of the oceans is interesting but my girls wanted to see fish and we didn't have to go very far until we did.

The first proper exhibit which included fish was the coral reef tank and it was pretty amazing. As you walked around it you could see through the glass and a whole host of fish.

the coral reef in The Deep
Kids looking at fish in tanks

We carried on around and saw lots of other fish and soon arrived at the Gentoo Penguins. I have never seen penguins in real life before and they were quite a sight to see. You can view them from two different levels which are above or below and it was fascinating to watch them. We missed the feeding time but if you time it right you can see that too. When you go below to watch them there is an icy area which makes you realise how cold it is where they live. They all did look a bit sorry for themselves as they are moulting but it is quite normal.

Pufferfish, clownfish and shark

I think my favourite of all the fish was the Yellow dogface pufferfish. He or she was such a poser swimming right at the front of the tank just asking to be videoed and photographed. hehehe. In this part we got our first look at a shark. There was little holes in the walls where you could look into a big tank.


Soon after this we entered a new area where it was all about the creatures which live in the deepest, dark seas which was home to some of the creatures which seemed most interesting. The jellyfish were beautiful and I could have watched them for hours.

Along the way we didn't only see fish. There was frogs, eels, snakes, cockroaches, crabs and beetles.

Just before the end of our visit there was the tunnel where you can view the sea creatures from below. It was pretty spectacular.

Underwater view of the fish

At the end of The Deep you have the choice to exit via the scenic lift which is a glass lift which goes from the bottom of the tank to the top or you can take the stairs. The queue for the lift was about 20 minutes long so we chose to take the stairs and I am glad we did. On each floor going up there was a viewing point into the big tank and it was amazing!! We spent about 15 or 20 minutes going up the stairs instead of 60 or so seconds in the lift. I feel pretty sorry for those who took the lift and missed out. hehehe

We exited near the cafe and got a drink but I wasn't going to pay £3.50 for a single slice of cake which I feel pretty bad about now since finding out that The Deep receives no on going revenue funding and is totally dependent upon ticket sales and income from the on site shop and cafe to cover the costs of running and carrying out its education, conservation and research work. Before you leave make sure you visit the toilets. They are themed and are a lot of fun. I went in the clownfish one and spent most of my wee just gazing at the walls.

It was a fantastic day out and we will be visiting again sometime over the next year. There was plenty to see. We spent about 2 hours in there and could have easily have spent longer if it wasn't so busy. We sometimes felt rushed when we were looking at something if there was someone behind us. The kids had a great time and despite not wanting to learn, learned loads. It is great for all ages. We saw lots of little kids having a whale of a time and a few elderly people too.

The Deep is open daily from 10am until 6pm Monday to Friday and 9am until 6pm on weekends & school holidays. The last entry is at 5pm. Car parking is available at a cost of £3 for six hours. It isn't a massive car park and was just about full when we were there.

Have you visited The Deep before?


  1. That sounds like a wonderful place that the whole family would really enjoy.

  2. I love aquariums and the Deep looks wonderful!

  3. I am fascinated by pufferfish, so am so glad you were able to see this one! I'm also so happy you took the stairs going up out of the aquarium so that you had a better view of it all than had you taken the elevator.

  4. What an awesome place to visit, your pics are fab.
    My two would be in their element there, especially Joben he loves aquariums.
    It sounds like you made the right choice to take the stairs, I think we would have too. xx

  5. You have made me feel homesick with this post! I love visiting The Deep. I have, of course, been several times and my dad often sends me newspaper articles about the penguins there :) Glad you had a good time there.