Wednesday 15 September 2021

A brilliant 19th birthday weekend for my eldest.

Becky turned 19 last week and she had the best few days. After Ellie had a weekend of celebrations it only seemed fair that Becky should too. Her birthday was on Friday and she was so pleased to have it off college. She is unlucky that her birthday is usually always on the first week of a new school year so spent most of them at school. Bless her.

She started her birthday of course opening her presents and cards. I said I wasn't going to get her much as we are paying for a passport so she can go away on holiday, hopefully next year but by the time all of her presents were wrapped there was quite a pile.

My eldest opening her birthday presents

Becky got everything she wanted and more. She was so happy with her new clothes and even the jokey presents that I had bought her. The Paw Patrol figure and Fabulosa cleaning set. Her girlfriend arrived just after 11am and brought more presents. Becky was well and truly spoilt.

We had planned to take Becky to the pub on her 18th birthday but due to Covid we didn't but her 19th birthday was a great excuse to have a little afternoon out and buy her a drink.

My eldest at the pub

The glass really isn't as big as it looks, it was taller than a normal pint glass but a lot thinner. It is just a pint of dark fruit cider. We had a sit in the beer garden and then had a few games of pool. It's the first time I have been to the local pub and I love it. It is so relaxed, there's loads of seating outside, the pool table is in a separate room so there's no one watching you mess up shots but the only complaint I have is the drinks are so expensive. A good couple of pounds dearer than pubs in the town.

My eldest playing pool

Stu and I came home in time for Ellie getting in from school and Becky and her girlfriend stopped at the pub to play more pool. I finished making the party tea and it was enjoyed. We had the usual chicken bits, sandwiches, crisps, spring rolls and picky bits. We had gone outside to sit and eat it as it was so warm in the house but no sooner as we had got comfy it started chucking it down.

Soon after we did the cakes. Becky chose them, a white chocolate one and a Friends one. I did order a newer version of the Friends one but it wasn't available so Tesco sent this one which was absolutely fine. Becky had it last year and it was delicious.

Birthday cakes

Saturday was day 2 of Becky's birthday celebrations. A little while ago Ellie's friend had been to an arcade place in town. You pay £7 and all the games are free. Becky loves things like that so it sounded perfect for her. Stu and I relived our childhood playing Donkey Kong, Air Hockey & Street Fighter and the kids played some of the games for the first time. As well as classic arcade games there was a console room with old console games and a PC room with different games including Fortnite. It really was brilliant. We were there for 2 hours and it flew over.

My eldest playing arcade games

After the arcade we headed off to Wetherspoons for a meal. Becky and I learned a lesson from when it was Ellie's birthday and went for the pizza that she had. I had the BBQ chicken one and it was amazing and Becky had ham and mushroom. Stu had his usual all day lunch and Becky's girlfriend had lasagne and chips.

When it was almost 4pm we left the pub and saw Becky and her girlfriend on to the bus, they were going back to "A's" house because they had a Christening to go to on Sunday.

It was a fantastic weekend but I am glad I am done with organising all of the birthdays for the year. 3 in 4 weeks is exhausting and has done nothing for my diet. lol


  1. That does sound like a fantastic weekend! My husband and I love playing old arcade games and introducing the boys to our childhood favorites.

  2. What a lovely birthday weekend for Becky. The cakes looked amazing and it sounds like you had loads of fun at the arcade. We always find an arcade when we go away, I love them as much as the kids! xx