Saturday 4 September 2021

Week 35 of #Project365. 28th August - 3rd September. A photo every day for a year!

September already, where is this year going? We have had quite a busy week. Ellie's birthday, Becky sorting out her job, brunch out with the kids and lots of adulting has been done by me. I am ready for a relaxed weekend before the kids go back to school and college on Monday. We're ready, all I have to do is iron Ellie's uniform. Now that she's wearing proper shirts it's something I will be doing every week. Ugh.

Now for a photo every day!

At the trampoline park
Blowing out birthday candles and Japanese candy
A DBS certificate
My youngest sat on the stairs and LED lights in her bedroom
New Covid tests

233/365 - 28th August
One of Ellie's birthday treats was to go to the local trampoline park. She had a fantastic time and by the time the hour was up her, Becky and Becky's girlfriend were exhausted. It made me quite glad I didn't book for 2 hours.

234/365 - 29th August
Ellie's 14th birthday. She had a wonderful day and got everything she wanted and more. She opened her presents, had a party tea and of course cake with candles! 

235/365 - 30th August
Japanese candy. I got Ellie a hamper of 40 different Japanese snacks and candy treats off amazon. She got similar last year too and loves them. There are some weird flavours but most of them are delicious.

236/365 - 31st August
Becky received her DBS certificate mid week, it is needed for her new job in a care home. It all obviously came back clear with no criminal convictions or concerns, we knew it would. We didn't expect it so soon, it was meant to take weeks so it was a nice surprise. Contracts have been signed and she is now waiting for a start date.

237/365 - 1st September
Ellie wore some of her new clothes to go to school to get her Covid test. I was joking she looked like she should be in the army with her combat style bottoms and boots. hehehe

238/365 - 2nd September
Ellie got some LED lights for her bedroom, she's seen them on TikTok and loved the idea of them. They do look fab and change colour too with a little remote control.

239/365 - 3rd September
It's a while since I ordered any lateral flow tests from the Government website. We had loads from school and college and only ran out this week. They arrived and they've changed. The packaging and now you just have to put them up your nose which I am glad about, I used to gag with the one's in my mouth.

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  1. I love how the lights look in her room.

  2. Happy birthday to her. She had an unusual, but really awesome birthday celebration at the trampoline park.
    I need to order some tests too, but good to know they changed them. I will see at my local pharmacy, maybe they still have some old ones.

  3. Happy birthday Ellie. N has those lights too. They're brilliant - although his were put up by me without a ladder so they're a bit of a random middle of the walls and not straight. Great fun though - his even go to music via my phone.

    I need to order some more tests too - looking forward to them being the nose ones.

  4. I'll have to look up the Japanese candy on Amazon. The trampoline event sounds fun and exhausting at the same time. Ellie's looking good in her military style outfit. The lights in the bedroom make me think of Marvel films, like a Shield room. :)

  5. Happiest of birthdays to Ellie, glad she enjoyed the trampoline and that Becky and her GF went on it with her, not something I could do anymore lol. I've only had the LFT for the nose from the NHS and we've been using old stock in some schools

  6. Happy Birthday Ellie, love the look of the Japanese sweets. We tried some when a friend at work brought them back and they were very yummy! How exciting for Becky hope she gets her start date soon. I need to get some more tests we are just using up what is left good to know it is only the nose!

  7. Happy birthday to Ellie, looks like she had a good one and the Japanese candy looks yummy. I love the lights. Not having to do the throat swab is a good thing - I don't mind the nose one and it's much easier to do. #project365

  8. Happy birthday to Ellie!

    The lights in the bedroom look great. Might have to do that for Bee!

    Oh I hate both the nose and throat...

  9. My kids always go all out in the first 10 minutes at trampoline parks and then have to sit down for the rest of the time! Hope Ellie had a lovely birthday. We still have the olds style LFTs with throat and nose :( #project365

  10. It looks like Ellie had a fantastic birthday. Trampoline parks are hard work. LED lights might be something that Ethan would like. I will keep that in mind for a future gift. All our postman delivers to us is lateral flow tests. We only ever put the original ones up our nose so we didn't really notice the official change in them #365