Tuesday 21 September 2021

Our 2021 summer bucket list - How we did!

It is officially the first day of Autumn tomorrow, seriously where is this year going? It is flying over. Summer was gone in a flash but we had a great time. Back at the end of June I wrote a list of things that I wanted to do, a summer bucket list.

Sunglasses on sand

Have a barbecue - We had plenty. None of them were big one's, we would just light the barbecue when it seemed too hot in the kitchen to cook burgers or sausages. Our kitchen has a massive window and gets all of the sun from lunchtime so it's like a sauna in there.

Paddle in the sea - We never got to the beach. We were planning to go at the end of the summer holidays but the weather wasn't great, in fact it was terrible. Not beach weather at all.

Sit in the garden and drink cocktails/mocktails - We sort of did this. I became obsessed with the strawberry lemonade from Costa so when I found the Don Simon Lemon & Strawberry Juice Drink from Asda I was very happy, it tasted just like the Costa drink. I loved filling a glass with ice and that and sitting in the garden sometimes sunbathing and sometimes watching the sun set which both were also on our bucket list.

Have a picnic in a park - We did go to the Co-op and get a meal deal and sat in the park and ate it. We sometimes fell lucky and caught the park when it was just about empty and there was no queue for the zipline.

My eldest on the zipline
My fella working in the garden

Paint the shed and garage - Yes, Stu did that, it looks so much better than it did before. He also got around to filling in the cracks on the concrete part of the garden. He will have to do that again as he added too much sand to the mix and when it dried it was too dry and sandy.

Go to the cinema - Becky and Ellie had a couple of trips to the cinema and I went too when it was Ellie's birthday weekend. We went to see Peter Rabbit 2 and it was such a fun film. One for all of the family. Cute animals for the kids and jokes for the adults too.

Go on plenty of bike rides - We didn't go on as many as I would have liked but we did get out and about. Both the girls now know how to fix punctures. We were out once and Ellie's front wheel got a puncture. She was not happy but thankfully we were on our way home and not too far away. I gave her mine to ride but the seat was too high so we walked and pushed the bikes home.

Go and eat at McDonalds - Our nearest McDonalds is a faff to get to with us having to take 2 buses so we never go. The only time we got to McDonalds is when we have a trip to Hull and we went twice over the summer. I do love McDonalds food and my usual order is McChicken sandwich, fries and a fruity drink, over the summer I had their strawberry lemonade and I also get a hamburger. Yum, Yum.

McDonalds wrappers and tomatoes

Go fruit picking - We never got around to going fruit picking but I did end up picking a lot of tomatoes off my plants in the garden. I did so well this year and seemed to be getting a hand full of cherry tomatoes every couple of days.

Have a water fight - We never got around to having a water fight, I did buy the Bunch O Balloons though so they are ready for next year.

Organise all of the photos we have on the computers - Back in April Stu had some issues with the hard drive where all of our photos are on. He lost them all for a short time but managed to get them back via a recovery programme. It put them all, thousands in one folder so they all needed sorting again into separate folders like days out, different birthdays and things like that. Stu started sorting them in April and then I took over sorting them whenever I got a spare 10 minutes. We're just about there, I'd say about 75% of the photos are organised. I will keep on at it.

Visit a tourist attraction that we've never been to in our own town - It wasn't my town but it was in Hull one of our nearest towns. We went to The Deep, an aquarium. It was such a fun day and we will be going back as it's one of those places where you pay once and get free entry for a year.

A shark

Have a meal or two out - We had more than a couple of meals out. We went out for the girls birthdays and some at the start of the summer. We have got into the habit of going to the cafe when we go to our local auction. Their burgers are the best.

Have a pint of something in a beer garden - We finally had a pint of cider in a beer garden when it was Becky's birthday. It was such a lovely day too, the sun was shining and I felt like a 19 year old again. hehehe

We didn't have an afternoon tea, find a fairground or make our own ice lollies but it really didn't matter. We had a fantastic summer. We had plenty of family time, days out, laughs and lots of memories were made.

Did you have a good summer?


  1. I think you did fabulous on your summer bucket list!

  2. It sounds like you did well. It's a shame about the beach though. I've given up on summer, we seem to get all the nice weather in May, so I'm thinking of a little holiday in the spring half term next year. Fingers crossed. I made some ice lollies, and we had a few BBQs. Along with our holiday and the summer birthdays I can honestly say it was a lovely summer. xx

  3. Sounds like you did good with your list! There's always next year to do the rest :)

    Corinne x