Wednesday 8 September 2021

Surviving the school drop off and pick up.

Having children starting school is a big deal for them and for us as parents. Before my girls started school I hadn't really thought about having to go to school twice a day and stand in the playground for at least 5 or 6 years during drop off and pick up. It is a bit of a shock especially if you don't know any of the other parents.

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I have done my time, doing the school run, spending time stood in the playground in all weathers and to be honest it isn't that bad and that is coming from someone who is shy and not really a people person.

Here are some things that I realised over the years:

Just because your child picks a best friend you do not have to be best friends with the parents. I have been there and tried to do this but there is always some people that you just don't click with.

If you want to be involved in the school as well as meet some parents join the PTA (Parent Teacher Association). I did and it was a lot of fun. I got to meet other parents and got to be involved in the organising of all the fun things. I got to go to the end of term discos and I knew who Santa was who came in each Christmas. hehehe

Don't stand at the school gates smoking. Just don't. No one wants to be walking through smoke. Ugh.

The school run is not a fashion show. I always used to chuckle at the new parents in the school yard on the first day of the new school year. There they were with perfect hair, make up and high heels. After about a month at the most the heels were smaller, hair pulled back in a ponytail and there was no make up. Early mornings, every day does take it's toll.

If you don't like small talk avoid eye contact which is simply done. Your mobile phone is your friend. I used to write blog posts stood in the school yard, just writing them in an email. People used to see my fingers typing nine to the dozen and leave me alone. To them it looks like I was busy writing a text message. lol

If your child is a terror in the school yard do not draw attention to it. Have firm words but don't shout. All eyes will be on you if you shout and you will be judged! As much as judging is wrong we all do it even if we don't admit it. Do the disciplining quietly or use the I'll speak to you when we get home line.

Choose your friends wisely. The most popular parents in the school yard are not always the most trustworthy. If you do get speaking to people don't gossip about other parents until you know for sure you can trust them.

There will always be one person who looks at you like you are a pile of poop! Ignore them. We are not meant to get on with everyone. There was someone who took a dislike to me when I used to take my girls to school for no reason. It seems she was just one of those people who hated everyone.

Sometimes other parents will look at you and you will look at them and just not have the guts to make the first move to talk. Be brave! For a good couple of years I never spoke to a certain person and she never spoke to me. Once we did speak, we never stopped and we are still friends now even though I moved away.

Remember you are only at school for a little time each day! You do not need to be friends with everyone or anyone if you choose. Smile and just hang on in there. Most of the playground drama happens when the children are at infant and primary school. At least when they go into secondary school you don't have to stand in the playground. hehehe

Do you enjoy doing the school run?

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  1. We don't get out of our car for school drop offs and pick ups so I don't actually have to talk to or make eye contact with anyone. I just sit and read until my son walks over.