Tuesday 7 September 2021

Back to school & college 2021!

Another new school year has started and I must say I am less nervous than this time last year which makes no sense since Covid hasn't gone anywhere, it's still here. Last year the girls were returning to school and college after having almost 6 months off doing home learning and the new and unknown was frightening. Now it seems like we're old hands at doing the lateral flow tests, using hand sanitiser and one way routes around the school.

Back to school 2021

Ellie and I were walking to school to get her lateral flow test last week and she said "Do you think I will do a full year at school?" I do hope so but we were chatting about it and she hasn't had a full year at school since year 6 and she has just started year 10. lol In year 7 we moved house and she finished school a few weeks before the summer holidays started, then Covid happened and she never had a full year at school in years 8 and 9.

It is a big year for both of my girls. Ellie is in year 10 and it is the start of her GCSE's and Becky is in her final year of college.

Ellie is really looking forward to the next couple of years, not so much doing her GCSE exams but doing subjects which she wants to do. Way back in March she chose what she would be studying for her GCSE's but over time things have changed. Her chosen subjects now are Geography, Photography and Engineering. It's the engineering which she is most excited about, she wants to be a structural engineer and has her life planned around it so I am really hoping she loves that subject.

Ellie is also very happy that she no longer has to do French and so am I. The teacher was always good at handing out homework which we used to struggle with, even with Google translate. lol She still obviously has to do all the core subjects like English, Maths & Science but she's happy as she is back in classes with some of her friends. She has found out she only has PE once a week which she was very happy about but not so happy that it's first lesson every Monday. She has a few new teachers this year, some which are new to the school and some she has never had teaching her before but she does know them.

Becky started her final year at college yesterday and the second year of the higher level health and social care course. She is really looking forward to it, even more so since she has got a part time job in a care home which when she finishes college could become full time. She feels like her life is really on track and I agree, I am so happy for her. We are waiting to hear for a start date for work and then Becky will be starting her driving lessons. We have actually found someone taking on new drivers but don't want to book them in case it clashes with work. Work is more important than driving at the moment.

The next year is going to be challenging for my girls but they are up for it. It's the first time in years they have both being excited to learn and they are ready to make the most of the next year.

I hope the return to school is going well for your kids.


  1. That all sounds very positive and I'm glad the girls are confident in their choices. xx

  2. SO far so good but we're only a week in! LOL I hate to be so pessimistic but I am really doubtful that our kids will be in person for the whole year as our cases are on the rise here. My middle son should be getting his license this winter if all goes well. It will be so weird having two kids that can drive!

  3. Such a positive read and I hope your girls have the best academic year X

  4. Sounds like things are going well with your girls and school/college. Wow, Ellie's school do some good subjects. I didn't even know there was an engineering GCSE. That would be N's type of thing I think. Does she have to do humanities, and then the Geography is separate? Or just the geography?