Saturday 25 September 2021

Week 38 of #Project365. 18th - 24th September. A photo every day for a year!

I have had a pretty stressful week. Mostly revolving around Covid. The school is back to wearing masks, class bubbles and social distancing. All the year 10's and 11's were asked to take a PCR test to check if they had the virus without showing symptoms. Ellie's close friend tested positive on Thursday so I am thinking it's just a matter of time before she catches it too.

Despite all of the worry it was a good week but I am glad it's the weekend. I went to the auction viewing yesterday and there is nothing much that I fancy buying but I think we still might go just for a walk out, something to eat in the cafe and a gossip with people we know. 

Now for a photo every day!

My youngest and a negative covid test
Dressing table and a cake
Bread, eggs and bacon
Another negative Covid test and my eldest

254/365 - 18th September
My youngest waiting for her lunch from the cafe while we were at the auction.

255/365 - 19th September
A negative lateral flow test. We are doing them every day now as instructed by the school.

256/365 - 20th September
My dad dropped the dressing table off that I bought from the local auction on Saturday. I got the stool and the dressing table for £5 which was a bargain. I am sanding it down and repainting it.

257/365 - 21st September
I won a Bakerdays letterbox cake and it arrived. We have had all the birthday's so I decided to treat Ellie as she has done so well at school. 

258/365 - 22nd September
Lunchtime. Bacon and egg sandwiches.

259/365 - 23rd September
Ellie's PCR test came back negative which I expected but her best friend did test positive on Thursday night.

260/365 - 24th September
Becky waiting for her girlfriend to arrive. They're spending the weekend here.

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  1. That cake is adorable! Here's hoping your daughter continues to test negative!

  2. Sounds like the schoil's being sensible with the precautions. Hopefully thwey don't get many more positive cases. Good luck with the dressing table project.

  3. Sorry for the stressful week. We had Bakerdays cakes in the past, they are so cute, and fit in through the letterbox. The little dressing table can be a lovely project, I see a great potential in it. And at £5 it's a super bargain.

  4. Fingers crossed that Ellie doesn't have a positive test. It's good to hear that the school is making kids wear masks and keeping them in bubbles. Stay well!

  5. The letter box cake looks fab, I've been good also this week but no cake for me lol. Hoping the LFTs keep coming back negative for you all. That's a lovely dressing table and a fab price, would love to see it when you've finished upcycling

  6. Oh no thats worrying re Covid. I feel like that will be most schools soon.

    That cake looks great

  7. Hope the tests are still negative? We have seen a couple of positives at the boys schools and charlies class so we are testing regularly too. Love the cake. The dressing table looks great and what a bargain.

  8. What a nightmare with all the LFT - we seem to be OK here at the moment, but we always seem to be behind everyone else. The cake looks delicious

  9. Sorry that you had a stressful week. Glad that the Covid tests have been negative and hope that they stay that way. Love the Bakerdays letterbox cake for Ellie. Love the dressing table – what a bargain. Hope Becky had a lovely weekend with her girlfriend. #project365

  10. Yep my eldest is back to masks and now daily lateral flow tests! Luckily the other children's schools haven't had to add any measures yet... Congrats on winning the cake! #project365

  11. Wow what a bargain the dressing table and stool were! They are lovely.

    Glad Ellie is negative and fingers crossed it stays that way. I can't believe they dropped bubbles etc when covid is still rife - the govt that is not the school!