Friday 10 September 2021

This week my Word of the Week is: Nineteen! #WotW

This week my Word of the Week is:


Today my eldest, Becky turns 19. Where has the time gone? It really doesn't seem 19 years since she was born. She was the one who made me a mam and I am grateful for that. She taught me to be a mother and what an adventure it has been.

It's crazy to think that little baby is old enough now to do what every she wants. She could get married, leave home or even have kids of her own. She's not going to though. She knows she is best off at home until she has saved plenty of money and had some more experience of life. 

Me holding my eldest when she was a day old.

This week has all been about Becky. We've had a few little dramas. Becky slept in for college on Monday, her first day back. When I got up at half seven she was still sound asleep. She is supposed to leave the house at 7.45 at the latest to get the bus. She had no excuse apart from switching her alarms off. Oops. There is a later bus and she caught that one. Her bus pass hadn't arrived but thankfully the college sent out an email to show the bus driver which worked. She was expecting an argument. The bus pass finally arrived on Tuesday. Hooray!

My eldest at about 4 years old

This year when we were dealing with the college paperwork Becky wanted to be Miss Independent and do it all herself. It all went great until she got into college on Monday and realised she hadn't applied for the financial assistance. 90% of the kids in her college get it because they seem to have such a high threshold for what parents earn. She get a printing, stationery and free meal allowance which really helps out. She messaged me asking me to do it, of course I did. She probably couldn't do it all herself anyway as she needed to send proof of our earnings. It's all sorted now or will be when they get around to approving it. Until then she is taking packed lunches but it's OK she's only in for 2 days a week.

My eldest about 10 years old

I went into town on Tuesday to get the last of Becky's birthday bits. I was just going to get the wrapping paper from Primark or the Card Factory but I was walking past The Entertainer and spotted they had Friends paper which is perfect for her. She is still a big fan of the TV show and has even got her girlfriend into watching it. I got her a few extra presents despite saying I was done with the birthday shopping, jeans I had promised her, a shirt, jumper and some perfume. I felt like I was melting coming back on the bus. So much for summer being over. It was nice to have a few more warm days.

My eldest about 14 years old

Today Becky has her presents to open and her girlfriend is coming at about lunchtime and then we are going to the pub. I had promised to take her to the pub to buy her first legal drink last year but Covid was in full swing so we gave it a miss. This afternoon we will have that drink and have a few games of pool. We won't be drinking too much though as I have a party tea to make.

Tomorrow we are going to this new arcade place we have found out about and for a meal out and then Becky will be off to her girlfriends as they have a Christening to go to on Sunday. She'll staying at her girlfriends on Sunday night too and going straight to college from there.

My eldest

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  1. You both look so much alike! I hope she has a fabulous birthday.

  2. She suddenly seems so grown up. Loved all the photos through the years. She looks so like you in that first photo. Gorgeous photo too. You've reminded me that we've not taken our 19 year old out to the pub for her first drink. Seems an oversight! #wotw

  3. Aw, happy birthday Becky! She is such a lovely girl. I hope she has had the best day. xxx

  4. Aww happy 19th birthday to Becky! Love all the old photos of her. Glad she was able to catch a later bus after sleeping in and that her bus pass has finally arrived. It’s good that she wanted to be independent with doing her paperwork but oops for missing out the financial assistance bit! Glad it got sorted. Hope she enjoyed her drink at the pub and her party tea and has a nice weekend with her girlfriend. #WotW

  5. Happy Birthday Becky, I love all the photos of her when she was little. I feel like I've 'known' her most of her life. She seems to be doing so well and I hope it continues. We've all forgotten to set our alarms. I hope her birthday weekend is going really well. xx

  6. Happiest of birthdays Becky :) hope you have fab weekend!

  7. Oh wow! When I saw that photo, I thought it was Becky! I hope she's had a great start to her 19th year. Glad she'll be supported at college too. Sounds like you all had a fab week. Hope she liked all her gifts.

  8. Love all the photos from the past. It's amazing how much you look alike! It sounds like she had a lovely birthday.